Walmart Superstoresporting department

Jo Oct 08, 2019

This is the second year in a row that I could not purchase a N.J. Hunting license. Store #5414 isa regisitered agent for issueing State hunting license. First off, no one is ever working in the sporting department that must be why they have a "push button for service" mounted to the check out counter. I pressed it once, waited 5 minutes. Pressed it again and waited 5 more minutes and after a third time and waiting someone finally showed up (Nicky). I told Nicky I needed a license and like last year, "The printer's down." Nicky further stated "I had a sign up, but they keep taking it down, so I'm not putting it back up." I believe the State supplies (free of charge) the store/agents with all the equipment and supplies to issuse licenses. And if there was a problem with the printer would have replaced it with a working one. I suspect it may be hesitation on the worker because of what might be involved if it was a "first time" licensee. Its a shame that at this time of the year when the hunting season is starting that problems with the equipment happens. Maybe corporate should send "Mystery Shoppers" (undercover employees) to check on stores to see if their services are up to par. Thank you for your time in this matter.

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