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A couple of days after this past Thanksgiving our neighbor asked if we could help her out by taking her car up to Walmart to get a plug put in her tire because there was a small nail that was stuck in it. So my wife volunteered to go because I was working on our car at the time. They arrive at walmart and ask for the plug and one of the technicians named Rob tells them that walmart can not put a plug in it because it is near the sidewall and they can't be held liable then he proceeds to pull the nail out of the tire causing the tire to become completely deflated. My wife then said well now you have to do something because you made the tire flat so he says I can show you how to put the plug in the tire but I am not allowed. So, plug gets put in the tire and the service manager (Wendell Reid) is on his way out to fill up the tire saying " I ain't got to put no air in this tire, I ain't got to do nothing you say.". Then my wife says " Well yes you do have to put air in it because ya'll made it flat." Well that is what started the whole conflict then words started getting exchanged he was cursing at her she was cursing at him. Then I get a call from my wife and she is crying and panicking she tells me that the service manager (Wendell Reid) and a couple of other technicians were insinuating that they wanted to fight her. They had made a semi circle around her and she had felt threatened for her life. The Service manager told her that she needs to bring her man up her to fight him. I then hall but up to walmart and when I get there they are still basically surrounding her. I take her inside and ask an associate to contact the store manager immediately. He is at lunch so we get to talk to the assistant manager. Well she(Asst Manager) acts like she does care that this happened at all she says that she will review the security tapes. After reviewing the tapes she comes back and says that she can't be seen on any of the camera views that they don't have cameras pointing into the parking lot by the Tire and Lube Express. My wife is very upset still at this time and still is cursing and the asst. manager trys to tell her she is not allowed to use that language in the store , are you kidding me. Anyway now comes the store manager who is a little more compassionate and trys to offer us a gift card. Says he will talk to Wendell about what happened. That they have to view his history and all that. Please let other people know about my story.

My wife has changed her entire outlook on people she is still weeks later traumatized by this and now afraid of African American Males or even to be alone in public. I have purchased her pepper spray and she wants to get her concealed weapons license. This has caused serious psychological damage. They harassed my wife and there actions were totally uncalled for. We will never shop at walmart again for anything. I hope other people never have to experience this kind of treatment from anyone. Please let other people know about my wife's story!


  • Lu
    Lucille Campbell May 13, 2008

    I had a horrible experience at a Wichita wal Mart. I ledft my van for an oil change. When I came back a large side windiow was shattered. They insist I hadn't noticed it and was trying to get a free window. They say they have a security tape of it being broken. They may have rigged up sopmeethiong or are just trying to intimidate me. I was in Wicita because my husband was very ill in the hospital, I let this slip out. A manager type told me I was just "upset and tired because your husband is in the hospital" My van is a disabled conversion van and the window is a special size. I'm having trouble gettin estimates-one for over $450 and I have a $500 deductible! There's NO way I could not have noticed the window knocked out or shattered glass all over the seat. My e mail may not work as I haven't paid it due to big medical expenses. It has been a terrible horror. 620-325-3494 when I am able to be home. The window is covered with plalstic and duct tape. I've ritten, k me how I liked my Wal Mart oil change" in big letters. The response has been astounding. There's a lot of unhappy customers.

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  • Co
    common manf Jul 20, 2008

    I used to work for wal-mart as a customer service rep, and you wouldnt believe the type of crap that goes on in the entire store not to mention TLE. We were constantly having to settle with someone because the guys put in the wrong size filter or the wrong width tire or something else extremely hazardous, i have never and will never get any work done on my car at a walmart TLE because Ive seen days when the techs have royally screwed something up and they have had people waiting for 4 and 5 hours to get an oil change because they were trying to fix what they had broken, and little do people know but TLE techs dont undergo extensive automotive training, they are in the 'pit' with other wal-mart 'TLE specialists' [read: wal-mart employees NOT specialists] for x number of hours also it isnt anybody special that they put in there, If they need someone for TLE they would just pull them from anywhere in the store to the TLE bay. So yea its not like walmart tle employees are real mechanics echs they are just walmart employees that are special enough to go out in their blue jumpsuits and fiddle with our vehicles that cost lots of money and to lie to us when the screw something up. And further response about the management staff, THEY ALL LIE. The management staff never checks into anyones background I worked at wal-mart for years and they never once fired someone in tle becaus e of a complaint, they just gave them a slap on the wrist for it and gift cards are a nice way to get someone to shut up and keep quiet about their terrible experience.

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  • Ca
    carlos Aug 01, 2008

    Rebecca, you have no idea how wrong your statements are. TLE techs are not just random people from other departments, every tech we have needed previous experience with cars before they were hired. Simple questions about cars help find people who already know what not to do. Even the service writers (the people who greet you at the door) need to go through the training so if they work on a vehicle they know what to do and how to do it safely. And yes, stuff does get broken, but it is usually not from neglect, but from previous damage to the vehicle. If people were willing to do basic maintenence on their vehicles most of the claims would not happen. And by the way, not all management lies, but it sounds like the customer service reps do. I hope it's lonely up there on your pedestal because you don't deserve any friends with the crap your feeding the people on this site.

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  • Re
    ReiC Jul 30, 2009

    I dunno... I work at a Chattanooga, Tennessee Wal-Mart as a "Sporting Goods Sales Associate", which I hate...

    ...anyway, my department is right next to the "Tire and Lube Express". From what I see... and I see a lot... it's usually the management's fault that crap happens. But then again, that's just my shoddy Wal-Mart. I have not seen anything really go wrong in there... except for one time when something seems to have exploded... but that's kinda besides the point... and when one of my friends managed to catch his shirt on fire...

    ...and when the door wouldn't open and everyone got locked out...

    ...and when the upper bay mechanism jammed...




    Oh, to hell with it, I guess it does kinda suck. But you know, management does have a lot to do with it. Our assistant manager, and department manager... they just aren't a good pair; one's an idiot, and the other's a liar full of crap. I don't know what to do about that place. I'm sure that once both of those people are changed for better people(preferably trained seals), I'm sure that the place will pick up.

    ...I hope.

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  • Wa
    Walmart_tle_1317 Dec 13, 2009

    I am a technician in the TLE in the asheville, NC supercenter, and i just wanna thorow in my 2 cents here. Yes, sometimes things do break, were human, we all make mistakes but just because we work at wal-mart making $10 per hour doesn't mean that we are all a bunch of vehicle ignorant associates that have been transfered from other departments. I am an ASE certified technician only 1 test away from obtaining my ASE Master certification, and all the other technicians in my shop are former mechanics of some sort, 2 of these techs were mechanics in the armed forces working on heavy equipment, all the others have mechanical background of some sort. Sure, i see the occasional oil over fill or double gasketed oil filter but 99% of the time these problems are caught before the vehicle ever rolls out of the shop. I will go out on a limb here and say that probably 80% of the problems with vehicles brought into our shop are due to poor maintanence by the VEHICLE OWNER. Just because you have been running your 1982 honda civic 2.5 quarts low on oil for the past 10, 000 miles doesn't mean its our fault when your engine decides to lock up after you get your oil changed. And on the subject of repairing the flat listed by the original poster, no walmart will not (shouldn't anyways) repair a puncture on the shoulder close to the sidewall. Granted, they should have re inflated it for you, returning it to the same condition it was when it came into the shop. But repairing a flat that close to the sidewall is an unsafe practice, strain on the shoulder of the tire during cornering could cause the hole to tear open and blowout. And as far as the "Bay Manager" is concerned if he was in my store he would have his ### reamed and probably be fired, we do not tolerate that kind of behavior here. I am sorry for his actions towards your wife and hope that this never happens again but this is not typical behavior by TLE associates, its the few Dumbasses like this guy that give all us hard working folks a bad name, most of us come to work and do our job the way we are supposed to. I am always willing to show a customer the same respect that they show me. Come into my store and treat me with some dignity and respect and i will go out of my way to fix your problem and get you on your way. Come in and treat me like dog ### and i will give you the same treatment in return. It all comes down to the golden rule, treat us the same way you would like us to treat you. Case in point, Recently I was closing down the shop at about 7:15 pm and a gentleman with his behicle on a rollback wrecker walks up and tells me that he is on his way back to greensboro and that his passenger rear tire blew out in turn causing him to lose control and veer off the road, slicing his other time on a piece of metal in the median. He asked if there was anyway i could mount 2 new tires for him so that he could get home to take his lil girl to school in the morning. I told him that technically i shouldnt because all the other techs were already gone (walmart policy requires that 2 certified techs be on duty any time the shop is open for business) but because of his situation i would be happy to help. 30 minutes later, he was happy and on the road back home. On the other end of the spectrum, 3 days ago we had a lady in her early 60's com in for 2 new front tires, her vehicle had michelin harmony tires on when it came in with white stripes facing out, while writing her in i informed her that the only tire we carried in that particular size was a goodyear Viva2 and that it did not have white stripes like the michelins she currently had, i asked her if this was ok and she said yes that those would be fine, the white stripes were not a big deal that she would be replacing the other 2 tires very soon. i completed her work order and pulled her vehicle in the bay and began working on it. After her vehicle was finished i pulled it out and into a prking spot by the bay, 15 minutes later she comes out, i tell her thank you and to have a nice day and she walks to her vehicle. she soon returns and stands outside the bay screaming at me "your a fuc*ing ###, only an idiot would put black wall tires on a vehicle that had whitewalls", i calmly mentioned to her that only 35 minutes earlier she told me that the black walls would be fine, she screamed at me saying that she never said such a thing because only a ### would do that. She demanded that i take the tires off at once and that she wanted her old tires put on EXACTLY as they were when she came in. I went and spoke with my assistant manager and informed him of the situation, he spoke with the customer and as always gave her a 10 dollar gift card and told me to remount her old tires EXACTLY as they were, so i mounted her old tires, with the old valve stems, and since they came in un-balanced...well they rolled out un balanced, and just because she was so rude i charged her for 2 tire mounts also...Moral of the story...There are two people you never want to mess with, the ones that prepare your food and the ones who work on your vehicle...

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  • Ginger Kid Dec 13, 2009


    I've been a customer of your shop in AVL, and I've never had any gripes. I stood in there one night, waiting for an oil change and watched some crazy old lady rant about something or another, and whoever the technician was that got stuck listening to her was very polite and tried his best to be helpful. Anyway, just thought I'd pipe in, since I saw Asheville in there.

    As for the two people you never want to mess with, I'd add in the guy that guts your hair, lol...

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  • Ginger Kid Dec 13, 2009

    Wow, that should have been "cuts" your hair, not "guts" your hair...

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  • Wa
    Walmart_tle_1317 Dec 13, 2009

    Ginger_kid, Do you recall what the technician looked like? somewhere in the neighborhood of 5'10" bald with a goatee and more than likely wearing shorts in the 30 degree weather lmao...if so that would have been me putting up with yet some more walmart TLE ###.

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  • Ginger Kid Dec 14, 2009

    I can't remember; this was about 6-8 months ago..? I remember some tattoos and maybe a beard. I also remember some cowboy-ish older guy!

    I don't envy your job! You must put up with all kinds of crap. But I've got no complaints with ya. :-)

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  • Ag
    Aggravated shopper Dec 14, 2009

    OK, I have to add my comments. I worked for Wal-mart for 9yrs and a Portion of that time I was the overnight stocker for the automotive dept. I have had ZERO training except for doing my own oil changes yet MANY times I was asked to stay late( so early morning) to help out in the bays changing oil because people did not show up this was more than once but not all the time however my wife that also worked at walmart was made to work in the bays because people didnt show up or the store was cutting hours. She was trained so well she had to call me at home to ask me how a ratchet works READ THAT AGAIN she was trained so well she had to call me at home to ask me how a ratchet works... I know its sad that she didnt know how to work a ratchet but the point is she was made to work on peoples cars.
    I also know for a fact that this store MANY times put people in the bays without any training. This store is in council Bluffs, Iowa and is store # 1965 This was about 3 yrs ago when I retired from walmart so things may have gotten better at this store but that was what it was like then.
    I have read many posts under this complaint from people that said they work in TLE and have adequate training but I can tell you that does not happen at every store.

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  • Wa
    Walmart_tle_1317 Dec 14, 2009

    Ginger kid

    That would have been Ray, a very fine technician, who sadly, is no longer with us (transferred to sams club) Guess her got tired of the ###.

    Aggravatedshopper, I dont exactly know how the hell your store pulled this off because the bay support system requres that a technicians SSN be active in the BSS to sign off on any work done on a car. Unless, you were doing the work and then having a cretified tech sign off on the work, which would be stupid on his part. I will NEVER sign off on ANY work done by another tech because if something goes wrong all they are gonna look at is who signed off on that portion of the work order. So either your store is in desprate need of some techs, you have some very stupid techs already working there, or your story is total BS...

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  • Ag
    Aggravated shopper Dec 15, 2009

    Wal-mart tle pretty sad that you think an honest story is BS perhaps your stories are the one to question. But giving the benefit of the doubt I am not sure how all stores work but what I can tell youabout when this was going on was when the TLE was a seperate unit from the regular store and had its own TLE manager as well as an automotive dept manager and a seperate Bay manager then Wal-mart as a company made TLE a part of the regular store which included scheduling and hours going against store. They let go the TLE manager as this store said a REGULAR Asst manager can be over automotive, hardware, sporting goods, pets. The automotive dept. manager(Dept. 10 so you know I know what I am talking about) was assigned to be a dept manager on the grocery side so that left just a bay manager and he got frustrated and quit. When hours started being done by corporate many techs left which meant that when TLE opened in the morning at 6am there was only one tech and if he called in or was late it wasnt until 8 am that more came in, so that meant the asst. manager who knew nothing about TLE was forced to ask for help from other associates. If someone was supposed to sign out on the work then perhaps you are talking about the asst manager who every time we finished a vehicle had to come check the torque on lug nuts or the cap on the oil fill.

    I also said this was 3 years ago and things may have changed since there is an entire new management staff at the time I was explaining the store manager had left and they where waiting for the new store manager and Wal-mart went through a redistricting so this stores new district manager had been over this store for a brief time.

    If you truely are what you say you are thenall of this should ring a bell even if it didnt happen at your store. I also know not all TLE's did (they may now) things the same way or even right for that matter.

    Before you question the legitimacy of a persons comments you should have all the facts.

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  • El
    elhwal04 Jun 20, 2010

    Hi!! (I'm putting my two cents in too.) I've worked with Wal-Mart for 6 years now. Always on the front end, so I can't really tell you much about what happens in TLE. However, I would like to be witness to the fact that ~every~ store is different. Every single one. So far I've worked at three. They may have their basic policies but each store manager that is put in charge of the entire store has their own way of doing things and their own little likes and dislikes. Some suck to put it bluntly...some are really good at what they do, AND the Assistant Managers underneath the Co-Managers also have their own little thing going on. They also have their own likes and dislikes. Some will do whatever they want as long as they know the store manager won't find out about it. Opinions should really be decided on a store by store basis. I'm extremely horrified to hear of even the possibility that store associates would act like those mentioned in the original post. That is something that would DEFINITELY get you fired over at the store I currently work at. In fact, given the general attitude of the people evolved in said story, they probably wouldn't have lasted long working with W-M anyway, if they were at my store. Anywho...I'm sad to hear your story and I do feel very bad for you but don't forget to call 1-800-WALMART. Contrary to popular belief, those folks on the ends of the phones actually have to call the store managers and talk to them about each and every problem reported. If it's a good store manager then they do something about it every single time (mine does). Now I'm not saying my Store Manager is perfect, she's just very strict. Others are like this too. On the other hand, some just set in the office all day drinking coffee and talking to the Asst. Managers...or flirting with them! So...again...store by store. They are all different. I hope eventually you will be able to overcome your W-M issues and try a new store. If not, well, that is definitely your prerogative. I for sure won't hate on you for it! :) Good luck!!!

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  • Im
    imutt Jul 20, 2010

    I had my oil changed in Noblesville, IN WalMart. They put in the wrong oil- 10W20 synthetic in my Caravan. They put oil in my power steering fluid causing contamination of the steering system. This destroyed my power steering system-- caused major leaks. To repair will cost over 1400 dollars.
    The tech says he did not do this. Claims adjuster does not wish to speak to the vehicle owner, only the man of the house. He never took a statement from us or any of the shops who could testify to the damages. He stated tech denied the act; therefore, he was denying my claim. They think it is over, but the national media has been sent paperwork and the story. Picket lines can form with permits. Any suggestions post on this site, please. I have been very quiet, and understanding. no more.

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  • Lo
    loldumbass Oct 04, 2011

    Lol sounds like a bunch of BS you are just ### because you couldn't get a tire fixed because it is wal mart policy not to, the wife probably asked to see if it was going all the way through or something along those lines. When it came out she was pissed that they weren't giving her a free tire. Hey freeloaders... get a damn job! Then maybe you won't need to mooch off of corporations for things you can't afford.

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  • Se
    Service writer 3155 May 30, 2012

    As an employee of Wal Mart in Canada (store 3155) which I've worked at for nine and a half years ( 8 years as service writer ) I take negative comments personally. Yes there may be some rude people or poorly trained ones but from what I've seen they don't keep their job for very long. We have a lot of repeat customers who are completely satisfied with our work. If an issue develops it is dealt with swiftly starting with the tech who performed the work the, then onto myself, my TLE manager if needed and if if not resolved onto an assistant or store manager. The TLE manager is a licensed mech. for automobiles and truck and coach. I myself have worked for a car dealership, a body shop, a private garage and have taken a small engine repair course at college (Earned diploma). Of our shop techs, One has been doing tires since the mid 70's, another used to restore cars and another earned his diploma for the same course as I took. We are all gearheads and take extreme pride in our work, it's like our signature. We've worked hard for our good reputation and we are proud of it.

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  • Mi
    Michael Reeves Aug 01, 2014

    So I go into WLE at 6pm, Culebra and 1604 in San Antonio. to get two tires. I wait five minutes to even get paid attention. The guy is working fast and hard to finish a job. He looks up and asks if I need help and I say "I need two tires". He says "unfortunately our management has said the day is over". I'm thinking "it is 6:00, unfortunately I chose this Walmart to get tires." I told management and they said "they would take care of it". Like hell they will. I'm writing a complaint.

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