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I just returned from another disappointing visit to my nearby Vons Pavillions, located at the corner of Boat Canyon and Pacific Coast Highway in North Laguna Beach, CA. I hoped that their recent remodel would help to solve some employee morale problems and help to encourage better and fresher products all-around. This has not happened.

I have lived in this area for nearly a year and finally stopped shopping at the Vons Pavillions after having vegetables spoil the day after I brought them home and finding soured creamer in the dairy case. On top of this, the employees are always stressful and unfriendly. This is cause for concern right away.

After their recent remodel I gave them another chance. They added a Starbucks and that made it friendlier upon entering, but the soup case is always messy and I'm just plain afraid to go there. Today I went in for some detergent and toothpaste, also some fresh vegetables and cottage cheese. Store wasn't very busy as usual, which always makes one wonder when there aren't that many stores in town. After I got home, I found that the celery I purchased was all brown on the inside stems, obviously way past the date to be sold. I opened the cottage cheese (Knudsen) and it was covered with a yellowish-green slime on the top. Again.way past time to be on sale for the public, not to mention disgusting.

I called the store to talk with the manager and all I got was silence. When I asked who was responsible for making certain that foods were exchanged out for fresher foods, he said that each department was responsible for their own. No comments on bringing product back or sorry for that experience, or anything. Just dismal silence. I called the Phoenix office whose phone number is listed on the sales receipt. Same thing. Silence. And when I asked for info (from Rita) on how to find the district manager, I was told that she wouldn't be able to contact me for a week at least. When I asked for the district office headquarters, she gave me the number of some finance company totally unrelated to Vons/Safeway.

I will never shop that store again and I will tell anyone I meet not to shop there. I think this has already been the problem with others because I never see the store crowded. I am disgusted and angry that a customer walks in, pays more than other stores charge, and then leaves with spoiled and rotten goods.

Vons Pavillions and Safeway, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not to mention the lousiest customer service I have ever had. (Except for the lone Asian/American in the produce department who always asks if he can help me find something.) I want him to get some kudos if anyone ever reads this letter.

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Dec 22, 2008 8:56 pm

I totally agree with you. I went in last week and paid more than average, as I spent 45 dollars more than Albertsons in Laguna. I purchased some milk and noticed it expired in 2 days. All of the onee on the shelf did as well. When I got to the register I told the gentlemen and he said "Oh it's Alta Dena, ya they usually do". No help at all. I stopped shopping there. The people at the register are usually stressed out, too young and don't know anything and they are way overpriced.

Nov 02, 2008 6:13 pm

That sounds like a really bad Vons. I work at a Vons Pavillions in southern California and we take pride in our coustomer service. It sounds like that store is needs new employees but not all Vons are like that. And about the spolied cottage cheese... there are times when that happens just like in every other grocery store, but we always apologize and let the customer haver their money back or refund the product and give money back.


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