Visionworks of Americaprescription glasses

S Dec 27, 2019

11-2-19 Appointment for eye exam, and prescription glasses. I advised Dr David Kulich my existing glasses were professional glasses with three levels for computer use. I picked out new frames and they with the prescription for the lenses were ordered.

11-16-19 Picked up glasses, and advised I could not see out of them. They reordered new lenses.

12-6-19 Picked up glasses, and advised I still could not see correctly out of the. The technician advised me to try them for a while.

12-12-19 Could not wear the glasses. I could only see correctly out of them if I titled my head all the way back. Even then, only had a small area to see out of. Called to speak with a manager. Was on hold for over 1/2 hr. before hanging up.

12-27-19 Called again after speaking with VSP Vision Care my insurance carrier. Spoke to whoever answered the phone (a woman), at 11:40 am, and asked for a manager. She advised they were busy and would have one call me back. She took my name and phone number. It is now 4:36 pm, and no call back. I want a full refund, and credit to VSP Vision Care, and a copy of the lenses prescription to go elsewhere. The Visionworks glasses are useless to me.

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