Visionworks of Americacustomer service

A Jul 24, 2019

If I could give them anything below zero I would. They're customer service is the absolute worst. They take forever to answer the phone then put you on hold for 10+ minutes and then ask you again why you called. They wouldn't give me my contact lens prescription number because I didn't come in for a follow up. I didn't come in because the doctor did not tell me I need to come in for a follow up. This happened twice. On July 4th, 2017, I came in. I was the first customer that day and the last one to leave. They told me the doctor is not in and for me to wait. I waited 1 hour and then they told me to come back at 1pm. I came back at 1pm and still had to wait for my appointment which was supposed to be at 10am. I left from there at 5pm that day when they closed!!! The customer service is way below average. It is pathetic. I have been a customer there since they have opened and will not ever be returning. I rather not have an eye exams for many years rather then got back there again.

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