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Vevor review: Tricycle 24 "

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Purchased a tricycle from the Canadian website. It came completely disassembled so it even took and bike mechanic 4 hours to assemble. He said he has never seen a bike come in a box with so many small parts to put together.

The trike had large dents in the fenders and that were there before coating was put on. The gear changer plastic was cracked in several places and a large section of paint was missing on the cross member.

Vevor customer service said they would make things right to my satisfaction but needed to contact the technical department. Came back with a reply that paint doesnt affect the bike function so they are not doing anything. They also wont give a reply right away It was supposed to be a new bike. Its in worse shape than a 5 year old used one.

Claimed loss: I want compensation for the poor quality since I already paid to have it assembled

Desired outcome: 30 % discount on purchased price or a new assembled trike in exchange

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    Jul 21, 2024
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