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I do not recommend Vector Security to anyone. I signed up with them a little over 2 years ago. I asked the salesman at the time if they had a military clause in the contract to allow me out of the contract if the military gave me orders to move. He indicated they did. I did not see it anywhere in the contract and called customer service prior to signing. They said it was company policy to let military members cancel with no penalty if they were provided with a copy of orders. I asked if this could be put in the contract and the customer rep said that she would “put it in our file.” Foolishly, I believed her and signed.

Low and behold I have orders to move out of state. When I called Vector to cancel, they told me they would only cancel if I could give them a copy of my orders AND a bill of sale of my house. As I am not selling my house, I informed them of the conversation I had with the salesman and customer service two years ago. They looked up my file and saw that it said we had been told we could cancel with military orders. They don’t care. I was told that despite what I may have been told in the past, they require a bill of sale. When I ask to speak to a supervisor I get the run around. Either he is out of the office, at lunch, unavailable, or I’m told that “speaking to a supervisor won’t change anything so there is no point in connecting you.”

I will likely end up paying the remainder of the contract as a penalty for canceling. Simply trying to cancel and pay the remainder (which the contract does say you can do) is nearly impossible. It took me 5 phone calls to 3 different numbers before I was given the details of what I need to do in order to cancel my contract and pay the penalty. I’ve learned my lesson, get it in the contract or don’t sign. Ultimately it is my fault, but Vector is a very shady company for misleading at the start, and giving me the run around now. Do not sign up for “service” from this company.

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