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Vector MarketingScam and cheating

I'm writing this report as voice of the people. This company I understand is ripping a lot of people off from what I'm reading and I'm going to share my story, read. A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad in craigslist about earning 18.23 an hour. This link is one of the many they posted on craigslist. See what I mean. Now before I go further, I'm no fool, I'm going to college, I been enlisted in the US Navy going into a job that requires me to have a Top-Secret US government clearance, and my training entails 'ATTENTION TO DETAIL', so I feel it does come into good use. I knew this job sounded too ###ed to be true, most people at the student level are lucky if they find a job offering 12 an hour, but this job offers $19? Yeah, sure. But either way, I bit, because you have nothing to lose from sending a resume. So I received a call not too long after, this was May 26th 2008, the girl on the phone sounded very cute, like a teenager, and I know thats fine, whatever. But I asked her questions about the company and the position, she gave me a PRETTY good description of the position and the pay, most people you have to call in regards to a job usually do know what the position people are calling for are about, or else I don't think the boss would allow them to answer the phone, this is just common sense, plus I had many calls from companies before, so this is just granted to me now. Then I asked more specific questions like my time scheduling, and what exactly am I going to be doing in this position. She replied that 'she does not know much about the position because she is a only a receptionist and I will have to speak about that with the manager at the interview'.

Ok first off, if you didn't read close enough, she did give a good enough description of the job, then suddenly when I asked sensitive questions, that was her exact response. So that right there set up the B.S. flag. I said I'm busy for the next couple of days and I started to sense that she was pressing me to come in, like a salesman does, I'd know, thats what I do already anyway. It seems odd how they would try so hard for me to come in for the interview with that kind of pay, they would already be filled up right? So anyway I told her maybe another time, and she scheduled for me to receive a call back from the company to perhaps to set up an interview. I did get that call, I ignored it. Whatever. Then today July 10, 2008 I decided, 'eh, what the hell' And I called up to set up an interview with the manager. So I head out to Howard Beach, I was given this precise detailed information of how to get there. When I arrive I look around, it was across the street by a starbucks. The starbucks was the only STRUCTURE on that corner, down the block were other stores, but there was no building in site. I walk down a little bit, I see a medical office, and to the side 'go to the right and you will see a green door, press the button and you will be let in'... the green was there, it was a door attached to a green housing wood picket fence and a garage next to it. I said whoa... ok... And the sign 'Vector Marketing' in paper sheet like someone printed it off a computer. I get rung in and I walk down this lawn into the back of this building and it looks SOO shady, it looks like a perfect spot I would start up an illegal gambling den in or something like that, try to picture that. So I come in and these 2 little white cutesy college girls approach me, don't even introduce themselves, they just hand me a clipboard with the paper where I write down my job information on it and ask me to have a seat inside and the manager will be with me shortly. From what I'm reading the office is exactly the same all over the country, a really shabby look 3 small room office with a small plastic table a white board and some red, white and blue stars decoration taped across the wall, that was really it. The radio was playing on the floor, I think on a small box or something, playing hit songs. The room I first walked into was an empty room with 2 small chairs, a table and 2 computers on the table and the girls and some tall teenage guy my age there.

We handed in our info and got called in groups of 2. Me and some stranger walk into the room and the infamous manager is revealed to be this lil 20 year old pansy looking guy from the other room who is no older than me interviewing me and this strange other guy who looks like he could have been 30. I never seen this before happen in my life.. he keeps the papers and says we seem good and invites us to stay for the group interview which will begin shortly. Ok so I sit out back in the small confined waiting room and the group interview session begins.

First off before I texted my friend and girlfriend saying if I don't get this job, I will be shocked. I looked around the room and I noticed a lot of the people looks confused and frankly in another world anyway, the 'receptionist' who told me to dress in business attire was probably one of those little college girls who are dressed in short shorts and t-shirts, but even though I was dressed as asked half of the people in the room didn't seem to take that seriously, some came in wearing timberlands cargo pants, stuff like that. So the group interview finally begins, and he discusses the company, the products, does presentations of the products, etc etc. The group did the whole 'oohh, aahhh' type of thing in amazement, the manager even asked after seeing the CUTCO products, how many in here would recommend CUTCO products to their family and friends, EVERYONE raised their hands. I was impressed honestly, but I could tell also these guys probably weren't feeling the suspicion like I was, I bet half of these people probably went home to tell their family's to buy this stuff and how amazing it was. During the interview he asked questions and people answered them, and sometimes he made really rude responses to these people, I saw some reactions a little like kind of 'um wow that was unexpectedly rude' responses.

The group interview ended and now he finally called us in one on one and asked us team workish questions and I answered them, he said I seemed very strong out of a crew of weak candidates and even though that doesn't guarantee being hired. Sure enough, I was hired. I got some reading material and was explained the whole $148 deposit thing, like he did during the group interview I was told about the deposit that the company gets so the people can 'borrow' the products to show to customers. I kind of was like wow great, this sounds great, shook his hand, thanked him and left. I came home and I decided to start doing my snooping like I usually do, and of course I found this site and SO many others reporting on the same stuff, I would have to say out of the all the companies I seen to be very shady, Vector Marketing seems to hold down the crown of all time shady companies in North America, no sarcasm at all when I say that too. And the funny thing is, this company seems to allow itself to stand out in the crowd of shady companies and not care that it does, especially with how its office represents itself and WHERE the office is located, which is basically a perfect office space to bring people to be brought back out in rolled up rugs. Unbelievable. And I'm upset I gave them my friends numbers without thinking it through, but then again, who usually does? I hope this serves as I stern warning to all to use your logic before you make drastic moves like putting down your hard earned money into something like this. NO JOB SHOULD REQUIRE YOU, THE EMPLOYEE, TO PURCHASE THE NESSECITIES TO ACTUALLY DO THE FREAKING JOB, THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!!


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    Amanda Dodge Jul 11, 2014

    Hahaha, alright, I feel the need to share my story here, too.

    I am a 19 year old college student, going into my second year of college. I got a call from Vector Marketing about a week ago, stating that a friend of mine reccomended me for a job. The receptionist told me that the starting pay was $13 and hour, so I was pumped. I bought a really nice business-esque outfit and everything, just to show that I was really professional. I practically looked like a real estate agent. I searched all through town for this building, and I had the hardest time finding it, holy moley. I finally found the building after 20+ minutes of searching for it. LET ME TELL YOU, IT WAS THE SMALLEST, CRAPPIEST LITTLE BUILDING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, AND MY HOUSE IS 100+ YEARS OLD. I was expecting some really nice, sleek building with signs and colors. No, absolutely not. They didn't even have enough sense (or perhaps, money) for a sign above their office. All there was was dark blue lettering on a glass door of a bathroom-sized building, spelling VECTOR in just regular Times New Roman font. How classy. I showed up 20 minutes early, only to walk inside to an extremely quiet room. There were about 15 crappy, old metal fold-out chairs aligned on the wall, a desk with an application on it, and a bunch of fun, inspirational posters on the walls. In fact, there was actually two-way glass leading into the Branch Manager's office. The whole building gave me a really weird vibe; I honestly expected the walls to fall in or something.

    So some lady comes walking out and just hands me a clipboard and an application and tells me to fill it out. As I'm filling it out, three more girls my age come walking into the building. To be completely honest, I was dressed the most professionally out of all of us, if I do say so myself. Blazer, slacks, high heels, slight make-up. I mean, compared to the girl with breasts spilling out of her halter top, I'd say my previous statement is a safe bet.
    So we had to go through a grueling 90 minute interview, so they could basically present to you the products you'll be selling if you got hired. It honestly felt like I was just there for her to market to me CUTCO. At the end, she even said, "If you aren't selected for employment, we would greatly appreciate telling your friends and family about CUTCO and Vector Marketing." LIKE WAIT, WHAT NOW?!
    Anyways, in the final interview, she made it seem like she was going to be extremely selective in whom she picked for employment. So when I received the job, I was ecstatic! So I went home with my head held high, feeling important. I went up to my room, and did some serious investigating on Vector Marketing. Let me tell you that when I typed in "Vector", the first thing that appeared wasn't their website, but it was "VECTOR MARKETING SCAM". When I saw that, I was sick to my stomach. All I could think was 'What did I just get myself into?!' So for the next few days, before AND after training, that's all I would search.

    Training however was a completely different story. Sure yeah, CUTCO makes some beautifully amazing products. If I had the money, I'd probably buy them as a gift for someone. Now, I know they used to make you pay for the knife set, but it's 2014 and apparently they don't make you do that anymore. You have the option to buy them if you please, but you are not required to. Today, I finished my second day of training, and let me tell you something.

    The first day of training was fun and inviting, I actually had hope for the position. But the second day, was 8 hours of unpaid training, mostly sitting and repeating everything the manager said like her little robot. Something just felt really... off, the second day of training. The manager seemed a lot angrier and much pushier than the first day. Little did I know that she would force me to stay in the office until I had AT LEAST 6 appointments scheduled for the following day.
    That doesn't seem like a lot for someone with a license, but I do not currently have my license. I have a vehicle, but I made it ABUNDANTLY clear even before I got hired that I did NOT have a license, but I do have my own car. (I know, a 19 year old girl with no license. It's a bit more complicated than that, I have a genetic mutation that caused the state I live in to postpone my ability to get my license. So stupid, I know.) ANYWAYS, I made it extremely clear that I had a vehicle and no license. But they hired me anyways. So either 1.) They didn't even read my application OR 2.) All they saw was that I answered 'yes' to having a car. Because that's all they care about is you having your own car to put wear and tear on, and to waste your own gas money in.
    The crappy part about this is the day I was hired, I was told a representative would come on appointments with me, or drop me off at my appointments and call her when I was done to come and get me. So I was all aboard, totally excited.


    Today at second training day, I was told that "she never said anything like that to me whatsoever" and that I "was making things up".

    Everything was just so off and so wrong, it seemed very shady to me. Considering the building had no sign above it, just blue writing on the glass door in big capital letters, if the appearance on the outside doesn't look promising, then it's probably not worth the trouble and hassle.
    The appearance of the building says a lot about the company. You wouldn't walk into a business-type interview in pajamas, would you? No, because appearance is extremely important, especially for first impressions.

    Overall, Vector is a massive scam. Do not believe anything they say.

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    jetchicken Nov 30, 2010
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    You guys are just crappy salespeople. You aren't supposed to be happy with the base pay. You're supposed to work hard and get up to 50% comms.

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    xAlistairx Jun 04, 2010

    Ok so here is my story.

    As a college student now, it's really hard to find a summer job since most places do not hire just for summer. When I came across that 17$ base pay per hour I must say, it looked damn good so of course I called the number and like on the second ring, it was answered by this girl who sounded REALLY young. She was very nice. I asked her "what is this job about?" and her response was "I'm just a receptionist, it would be best if you came in and talked to one of our managers during your interview. If you can come in tomorrow that would be great." I asked her if I could come next week but she pushed me into going the very next day since "we have a lot of people applying with us so I will be hard to schedule you again." So, of course, I went the next day.

    Now that I think about it, wouldn't a receptionist know at least a LITTLE about the job/company I was applying for/with?? That was a warning sign right there but me, being a college student looking for money, agreed. I drive the 30 mins to the office and was hoping to see a nice building with multi-level garages since this job, giving a 17$ base pay, seemed to be good. HA, was I wrong or what? I pulled into this parking spot and walked up the stairs into a huge row of offices and walk down the hallway towards the last door on the right to a sign that says Vector. 'It's what's on the inside that matters' was the first thing that went through my head. I was hoping that it'd be a nicer office... wrong again. The room I walked into was as big as my own bed room! A girl walked out and told me to fill out the clip board info and a mngr would be with me shortly. Time passes, I do the interview with a group of people and I get the job.

    Now begins the terrible training sessions for 7+ hrs for 3 days... joy. We got metal chairs to sit on, and we had to eat our lunch during training. We weren't allowed to leave at all. None of this was paid but I understood that. Some people left the second day of training and didn't come back so it made sense that this training wasn't paid. At the end of day 3 we received our knives which are actually really really good quality. I'm not railing on the make of the knives, it's just the management of the company itself. I love my set of Cutco that I own and I won't sell it back or anything. The 10 fast start prizes are great too but after that is when they start to inform you of how truly "flexible" this job is. Which is like ZERO.

    My DM said that there's team meetings every wed and sun from 7-10:30pm and guess what? ALL OF THOSE ARE UNPAID AS WELL! YES! Oh how I LOVED driving 30mins in rush hour traffic to an UNPAID meeting... ch' it SUCKED. There was this 90 min "phone jam" thing where we call ppl and set up appointments in the office itself. I can totally call at my own home! I don't need to drive 30mins to do a damn phone call. And later on in the meeting, our DM said that if anyone DOESN'T show up to his team meeting, the managers are to cut our base pay. WTF is up with that? Seriously? This was the LAST straw for me.

    TRAINING SESSIONS ARE NOT PAID. AT ALL. PERIOD. So if you live far away like I do, driving to the pilot office is a pain in the rear. I would go if it was paid but it's not so I see no point. I honestly don't care about "but you will learn so much by coming to the meeting!" they tell us. I have NO motive to drive 30+ mins to something I won't even get paid for.

    What ever happened to the "create your own, flexible schedule!" "Be your own boss!" we saw on the ads?

    Again, I'm not dissing the product, it's how they want to sell the product and the entire management behind this. Why are they saying that we can create our own schedule yet then, if we don't sell enough or don't come to unpaid meetings, we are going to get our base pay cut? That does not seem right at all. Why are they trying to scare us into making more phone calls and set up more appointments? My first week, I was the second highest to sell in the entire office and ranked three in the summer so my end of the week check was very nice, I won't lie. But pushing other people who probably do not have the ample time to sit around and call others and set up appointments? No, I do not think that's right at all.

    This one girl I met babysits all day and sells Cutco on the side of her main job. She told me that she talked to the manager about it and said that they'd work something out. I really hope that she did because she was doing real well until they said that they wanted like 5 appointments a day and if said person didn't do a lot of demos or come to the team meetings, their base pay would be hacked.

    In summary, Cutco is a FANTASTIC brand of kitchen cutlery and outdoor products. I will not lie to you there. They really are made with high quality materials that you can't find anywhere else and are crafted beautifully. I absolutely love my knife set that I won and I highly recommend buying the product since their forever guarantee is phenomenal. I do not know of any other company that stands behind its product like Cutco does. I learned a great deal on how to represent myself and gained a lot of leadership skills for later jobs. Yet the way the company preys on young people and manages its workers is unpolished, unrefined and annoying. There's this breakfast thing that starts at 7am on Thursdays that reps should go to, to "call and schedule appointments". But again, if you live far away like me, the drive is tediously annoying. The calls that every rep has to make to the office between 7-8:30 am is irritating and the office itself seriously needs a room makeover. If this is such a well established company, I'm SURE they can spend at least 5K on a remodeling job. At least give the poor kids seats with cushions to sit on during the tediously long training seminars instead of the cheap metal ones.

    This was all my COMPLETE opinion on my experience.

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  • Aw
    aware19 Apr 04, 2010

    Please be aware that there is blatant Astroturfing being done by Cutco people using Radian6 or similar software!

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    ~Smooth~ Jan 08, 2010

    O.K! I was too caught up in the "hype" conserning Vector. I was promise all there advancements opportunity.Long and behold I got through my 3rd day of traning then the manager pulled us in a room 2 by 2 & asked do you have $142.14. I'm a family man been unemployed for 6 mos.
    $15 hr sounded awesome to me and my family. Given that I have a long history in sales(very good @ it I might add). So anyway I told my manager that I'll have the money today(01/08/10). I asked everyone I knew to loan me the money. My Uncle brought it to my attenion that he done research on the company and his findings is anything but good. So i surf the web and saw all you guys comments (thank God). I'ts a reason why God did'nt allow my uncle to loan me the money. So first thing in the morining I'm going to tell my manager to suck my big black [email protected]#$%^... this is a scam as much as i don't want to admit it but it's true and I think everybody for your comments. Now the Job hunting starts all over again, back to square1 before i recieved the call from vector. By the way like you guys i didn't get paid for my training. my manager had a contest on Tuesday. You know the "brainstorming page" ? well for three days we been sitting in hard metal chairs the whole time then he address the class whoever has the most names for the brainstorming page/s gets to sit in a nice padded chair the next day. Come to find out, which how I always wondered how the leads were generated. He tell us that put a star by everyone who's @ least 30-60 and married and owen a house.The leads all came from us. So anybody whom may be seeking a job @ vector don't do it and i'm very good at sales.DON'T DO IT!!!


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  • Ch
    Cheryl Webb Dec 17, 2009

    Interesting complaints. I enjoyed reading and even laughing at many of the comments. I too, almost became a victim of VECTOR. I found them via a job search engine. I fortunately researched the company before going to my scheduled 2pm interview. I was a little leary about the $15.25 p/hour wage that was discussed with the young lady that called my house early morning and set-up the interview the same day. (That's highly unusal) I am currently unemployed but still cautious. Thank God for discernment!

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  • Ti
    Tired of Vector Scam Aug 07, 2009

    I am not a sales person for Vector, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be. However, I have been the witness to a number of young people who have been traumatized, scammed, ripped off, lied to, and just plain hurt by Vector. Over the years I have been contacted at least a dozen times by different students who were "sucked" in to the big promises that Vector makes, and even have let a couple do their "schpeel" because they get "paid" even if I didn't make a purchase.
    After witnessing such horrible business practices imparted on every one of the young persons that were involved with Vector, I began to do a bit of researching the company myself. Nothing good.
    My son is now of the age to be "targeted" by Vector and low and behold he got the magic letter I had heard so much about that promised him everything but really delivers nothing. THANK GOD I was already informed about Vector and knew enough to sprint to the garbage compactor with the piece of crap.
    Sure enough, some of my sons peers began to call to attempt to make appts. to demonstrate their wonderful new product! I would ask them if it was Vector and they would be amazed that I knew who that was. My response to each on is to call me back in 6 months, and if they are still employed with Vector and still think they are so wonderful, I will consider a meeting. Each one of them are very disappointed and assure me that it is a "wonderful opportunity that they get paid for whether I buy anything or not." No matter what I say to them, the Vector brainwashing has already taken affect and they cannot be convinced that Vector is a scam.
    PLEASE FOLKS< do your homework before you or your kids even think about getting involved with Vector.

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  • Ta
    tango1111 Jun 27, 2009

    Let me tell you guys my experience with Vector!!

    So heres the thing, I'm a Marketing major in college and I really felt like this job would look really good on my resume', and of course the base pay of $15 was encouraging enough for me. So I go to this interview, and it's like everyone is saying..IT LOOKS LIKE A RUN DOWN APARTMENT SERIOUSLY! You would expect a company who is making so much money that they could at least afford a decent looking office, but hey I thought since the manager just got promoted this past May then maybe she just didn't have the time to decorate the office, so I looked over this.

    Everything went fine, and I really wanted to impress these people so I came to the interview with my best suit on, and with the most professional attitude I ever had, but when I get there, they tell me to go to a small room as big as a bathroom, with a table and about 15 chairs. So there was quite a bit of people in there. So I did a quick scan around the room just to see what people looked like, and alot of the people came dressed unprofessional. Alot of them came with flip flops and I even saw someone with what look like pajama pants seriously! So I'm thinking that some of these people are not taking this job seriously, and they more than likely won't get hired because of this. The manager interviews me and tells everyone in the class that she can only pick one person that she thinks is good enough for this job. So she interviews me and I get the job! I'm so excited and I felt really special, but behold, EVERYONE in that office got the job besides a few that walked out after a while of waiting.! All of that excitement disappeared because she lied. But I was okay with after awhile, and just let it go.

    So at my 1st training, she picks five studens with GREAT LEADERSHIP SKILLS and I was one of those five. I was proud of myself and I really felt good about everything. So I go through my training days, and learn alot, but at first I had to do the presentation for my family and friends which I had no problems with. But after that my family and friends had given me some really great recommendations, and I knew that I had a better chance with them than with my family, because I knew that my family and friends are going through really bad financial problems! But she insisted that I do my family and friends first and married people in my family. So of course I go through with it! She also really stressed to me that I should call her after every appointment and when I have questions about anything and she would call me with 10 or 15 minutes. She was good at that, and she always returned my calls, but I didn't make a sale!

    Okay, the sample kit fee thing. I payed for the sample kit in CASH, and she told everyone in the classroom that if we wanted direct deposit (money that you make will go directly into your checking or saving account) then we could put our card information on the form. I advised no one to EVER DO THIS!! I checked my account two days later, and I saw that Cutco had charged my account $148.49. I was shocked and pissed at the same time! I called my manager and she plays dumb with me. She says that it was no where on the application for you to put direct deposit, but I have the receipt that has DIRECT DEPOSIT on it, so she lied! So I say that I'm going to call that 800 number that was beside it and she quickly says "NO don't do that...I will just reimburse your money, and you can go by the office and get it." I still kinda wonder why she didn't want me to call that number beside it! I got my money back, and I seriously considered quitting right there, but again I looked past it and moved on.

    So one day, I go to an appointment for 10:00 am, and this lady was willing to buy one of the most expensive sets in the catalog. I was excited because this would be my first sale, but I needed to check with my manager first before I could finalize the sale. I didn't want to get her information without making sure that everything was correct and some other questions that my customer asked me that I didn't have the answers for. So I call my manager and she doesn't pick up the phone, but I'm thinking that she would call me back withing 10 or 15 minutes like always but she never calls me back and called her 3 times and she doesn't even have voicemail set up on her phone. So my customer changes her mind about the deal. I was truly angry! Right when I needed my manager the most, she wasn't there for me.

    Later, that day at 5:00 P.M., I call my manager again and she finally answers and I guess she had no intentions of calling me back! So I tell her about my situation that morning and she replies very rudely "Why didn't you just write up the order!!" and of course this makes mad, and I reply rudely by to her "Well, because I am not going to write up an order that I didn't actually know how to do correctly and you usually call me back, but you never did!" What if I was to write up that order, and I had did everything wrong on it? Then I would have been held accountable for that and my customer would have lost that trust with me. In training, she went over it in class how you write up the orders but there were questions that I needed answers to before I wrote up that order.

    But anyway, she tells met that if I don't make a sale for that weekend then she would take me off of base pay...that was the last straw...I quitted that job and didn't look back!

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  • Is
    Issa Jun 17, 2009

    HERE'S MY STORY... and i must say, I am SMART!

    I think I make the best choice out of all my life today when i walked out of that crappy vector office building (more like a dumpster! Unbelievable, and they tries to make themselves look like a decent company. ) This all began last night or this early morning when i was surfacing the internet ( around at 5am, yeah, i don't sleep!), i got bored with farm town on facebook, and then i remembered the letter i received from vector inviting me to join, and they advertises that the base salary rate is $14.95, I thought that's pretty good consider the bad economy right now.

    I was a bit surprises to how quickly they have contacted me, and the receptionist she called herself sounds professional enough and hurried me to meet with the local vector office manager on the same day. when i asked her about the job description, she says she doesn't know and that i must meet with the manager! And then when I asked her if i can meet with the manager tomorrow (because i was a mess, i have no confidences to meet anyone let alone my possible-future-boss!), she repeatedly tells me that the job spot is first come first serve, and i may be losing my chance to someone else because i didn't meet with the manager. I feels kind of strange about vector already, because i know so many people are out of job right now, how can this company be hiring people in such a hurry. So, I went anyway, because their advertisements was pretty darn good, $14.95, 50% more higher than my current part time job! (yeah, i got hired by a good company the week before! but who don't want more money, right?)

    As i followed followed the given address and my printed yahoo direction map, I still ended up getting lost (i ended up calling the local vector office for help and parked my car at a close by resident neighborhood, but nobody answers it. Oh well, i ended up daring myself to drive up and down the street and managed to find the crappy office!) When i first arrived at the building, i was like 'WHAT THE HELL', this is more like a crappy apartment! I went in hurry, because i spent a lot of times making myself presentable, and i probably already wasted $5 of gas for coming, so might as well! As i open the door, i noticed how quiet the office it, and the first thing i noticed when i walk in was there was a few of high school looking kids sitting in the little corner (i kid you not, my half bathroom at home is bigger than this ### office waiting room they called)! There was a totally of 2 white guys, 1 white girl, and 1 black guy, all probably around the age of 16-22.

    As i looked around the office, i can't help but thought how crappy the place is and how can i possibly be getting a good job meeting a manager who works at a ### place like this! And to my shocks, there was only one staff (who's a typical american girl in her early 20s) working for vector in the entire office, and she asked me to sign in and fill out an application. I comply with the sign in, and i was still too shocked to do anything after that, so i seat down and asked the African American guy who seated on my left if he know anything about vector, and what they do. The moment he says, "i think they want us to help sell knives, but i am not sure!" I was SHOCKED, and i was like " are you serious? this is what vector do?"; I wasn't aware how loud i said that until that the girl/receptionist/manager told me that there shouldn't be talking and that i should asks her if i have any question (in a very rude way!); At this point, i was getting a little bit upset with this whole things, because i already have a feeling that this vector thing is just a scam! I didn't want to wasted my time any longer, because i was feeling like i can't breaths and just want to leave! So, I went straight up to her and asks her, 'is that true that vector is about selling knives and make commission, because if it is, then i don't want to be bother with the application?'. She looked me seriously in the eyes before hesitatingly answered, "yes, it is". I was beyond shocked, and i just mumbled to myself "what a waste of times!" and walked out of that hell hole!

    TO be honest, i was kind of mad at myself after that stupid meeting for wasting my times and gas to go to that crappy vector office (even though i only spent 5 minutes there, but still, i wished i didn't, i feels cheated already)!

    Anyway, please ignored my grammar, i did my best on that! (sorry, i am a foreigner who's first language don't uses past and present tense!) Oh well, i hope my story was interesting you guys, i just wanna share what i went through with vector, and hopefully you didn't fall for their trap too! ---Issa

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  • Wr
    wrestling Jun 10, 2009

    To comment to Dominic. Cool, you're a credible source because you WILL POSSIBLY run for congress? Very good for you. Google congress arrested. When's the last time that happened? If you want to compare, I am 19, I no longer work for Vector because I joined the Navy and am currently training to be a Navy Seal. But, I did not leave on bad terms, I worked for a summer, and made $6000. It's not for everyone. It's simply something that hard-working people do well at.

    I believe the reason you think you are above everyone is because you are 17, have 15 medals, and you're going to college for free. That does not make you a credible source or correct.

    I do agree with you in terms of the 'This story scares me to think who we have protecting our country.' That has absolutely no relevance.

    Check out It is a vector website, but contact the people THROUGH THE SCHOOL. Ask them that way. If you still think it's a scam, I question your ability to reason.

    *I am not saying the fact that I am training to be a Navy Seal puts me on top of the world. I'm simply stating that is what I am doing so that you (and others) can hopefully understand that it is a legit company.

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  • Do
    Dominic May 08, 2009

    Additionally, Vector Marketing, I believe, pays people to come online and hound people who badmouth the company and make it seem fair.
    I.E, comment number one.

    "This story scares me to think who we have protecting our country."


    Because everyone knows, if you think about choices before you make them, then jeez whiz, we don't want you in ANY position of authority.

    Additionally, I am Seventeen years old,
    I have fifteen medals from the Arizona Academic Decathlon,
    I'm going to college for free,
    and I will probably run for congressman at some point in my life.
    I'm a credible source, automatically.

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  • Do
    Dominic May 08, 2009

    Yeah, about the same thing happened to me.
    I got a call offering sixteen dollars an hour or something, was really excited,
    then LOOKED UP Vector before the actual interview, so I knew it was a scam already. Then I went to the group interview, that a bunch of... not too bright, shall we say... kids showed up to. The Manager man called us all in one by one, and when he called me in, I said to him, "So, I've heard a lot of shady things about your business here. Convince me why I should work for you."

    He gave me a business card, told me to get my facts straight, and kicked me out. Which is kind of bad, because I think all of those other kids probably thought that it was just really selective when they saw me leave.

    To conclude, Vector Marketing, yes, terrible scam that preys on naive, gullible, straight-out-of-high-school teenagers. And I wish other people would look this stuff up before assuming that a job is amazing and not too good to be true. ugh.

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  • No
    nomessme Feb 18, 2009

    somehow they got my number??
    think was from a fake ad on craigslist??
    i responded to a few but my numbers onlisted
    so I say beware of scammers...

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  • Sa
    sarah Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think that Vector Marketing is am out right scam organization that steals from innocent people and I wish to vote you to government to remove them from every University in North America.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Sep 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There are lots of companies that make you buy there stuff. Hollister is one major brand that comes to mind, along with numerous other clothing companies. Hollister representatives call themselves Models, but there job is folding clothes and talking to customers and they make around $7 per hour. Oh, I looked into starting a Melting Pot restaurant one time, and they require you to buy a bunch of stuff to the tune of $125, 000. Any franchise opportunity is going to require a similar investment. Vector gives young people the opportunity to gain business experience like a franchise for $135 plus tax. This is a fully refundable amount, unlike the Hollister clothes. Just like any franchise, some companies fail, some succeed, but most of that is based on the choices of the manager/owner. My manager has a nice office right next to our mall, and his base pay is only $14/appointment (never does he say per hour). This story scares me to think who we have protecting our country.

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