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Never sent me a card that I ordered

This company is a bunch of scammers. I contacted their agency in order to get a card for $200. they never sent it to me and more they even don't want to contact me. I called them many times and no answer, my e-mails are coming back.

  • Vc Oct 07, 2012

    We are and have NEVER scammed anyone. Sometimes, we may run out of cards and delay fulfilling orders fast. However, we never take any client's fund and doesn't fulfill orders. Our numerous clients who read your complaint Bryan will attest to this fact. Meanwhile, Bryan, we have searched our database and didn't get any clue to your name here. We believed you NEVER did any business with us and you were either paid to run us down here or you are one of our competitors. Please, get a better way to run your business and don't be a saddist. We owe no single client till today. Thanks.

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  • Sa
    Saiss Dec 12, 2013

    I am one of the regular customer to I can assure they are 100% Legit Till now I have purchased more than 20 cards I have received the card on time as they mentioned is the best and legit site where you can believe them without any single hesitation Its very sad due to competition or ego or whatsover some people trying to make real people to get bad reputation

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  • Ke
    Kesh Maquis Aug 23, 2017

    @Saiss I have ordered a card since last weekend and I haven't gotten anything yet. Kesh Maquis is my account name with Order ID: #9482. Thank you

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  • Au
    Auction Essistance Mar 23, 2016

    We work with VCCguru, so we can tell you they are not a scam. The people who go after us along with VCCguru are the same people that went after Openvcc and buyvcc.

    Those people who left negative reviews against us is no other than VCCghana, cheapvccs, lightvcc and cheapvba. All who have been known to be big scam websites.

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  • Se
    Sergiu Valuta Feb 18, 2020

    Agree with the author. I've ordered the card for 150$, but nobody replies from VCCGURU side. And it seems or they're closed or just ignore me... But they answered before buying the card, and silence since the payment is done. 23 hours gone, but merchant ensures to deliver the card during 1 hour since the confirmed payment

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  • Se
    Sergiu Valuta Feb 19, 2020

    @Sergiu Valuta Correction: all good. The card has been delivered in couple an hours from I kept the previous post. I don't believe it relates somehow. I just think it takes a time. But if you guys answer via email, it helps us to understand each other much better and don't complain anywhere

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