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I had my brand new baby he was 2weeks old and I thought to go shopping for him at value village I shop here because I ama single mother and I can afford it here rather then department stores. The issue Iam so upset about is I was shopping and my son was sleeping and the manager who was a short heavy set woman and a small east Indian manager was working aswell... The female manager asked to see my son so I showed her and talked with her she was nice to me and I was there for about half an hour taking advantage of my son sleeping so I could shop for him I was filling up a bag of baby clothes for adollar amout I don't exactly remember the price because I was interrupted by a police officer who started to talk to me and ask me weird questions after he told me what he was there for we both didnt understand why the manager the heavy set woman had done this.. I was humiliated and cried in a public store with my baby and a police officer he had told me that she called saying I was an unfit mother shopping with a brand new baby for so long it was a half hour and he was sleeping I don't get out much since his arrival anyways The officer told me to not spend any money in this terrible store because I was doing nothing wrong but I was judged he told me he doesn't shop there nor his wife because of the terrible nosey employee s always looking to see if your stealing but it gets invasive.. To conclude to my story I don't understand what she called the police for nor did the officer he has more important duties to attend such as crime... I have never cried while putting my items back on the shelves trying to get out of humiliation for what your employee put me through I now sometimes wonder if people really think I an unfit mother because of this incident... The service is unfriendly they spend more time harassing people off stealing when they should be greeting they have customer service so wrong please let me shop at my favorite thrift store again and hire nice employees that dress nice they look like slobs its not helping the stores image and also the officer was appauled from this and offered me a ride home cuz the manager ruined my day and night... thank you for your time

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