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I went to my local Value village at Upper Wentworth and Fennell Ave in Hamilton and got kicked out for complaining and treated very badly after I wanted to purchase about a hundred dollars worth of clothes. I tried to redeem a coupon I got through email but because I didnt open the email I didnt relize the coupon wasnt valid un April 6th. My child was with me and want to buy some barbies and they had their own money and their own coupon for $2.00 off a $5.00 purchase which we got for making a huge donation and we used the top half of the coupon already without an issue right after we made our last donation because we have made two donations within the last month. Then the girl at cash told me I had to go online to do a survey before that coupon could be redeemed but I told her I didnt have to do that the other time I redeemed the coupon then the very rude foreign manager came out and yelled at me and escorted me out of the store all because the couldn"t redeem my 30 percent off dresses coupon and I only had 2 dresses, like please get real. So they lost my business and my $100 purchase just to save $3.00. I"ve never been so appaulled in my entire life and will never go back there and never donate to them ever again. I was embarrassed in front of a bunch of people and my child was very sad and the manager humiliated me in front of everyone while the orange eyed teller stood there smug and smiling. What ever happened to the customer being right I guess at a place where they get everything for free customers don"t matter. So much for helping people huh. Next time I'll go to the Sally they are more kind and generous and do more for society thern over priced Value Helltown. I am now going to remove them from my mailing list and tell everyone I know to never go there again. Shame on you Value Village.

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