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Reviews and Complaints

Family Dollaremployee customer service

I've been living in Bedford for many many years since I was a kid I've been in this store quite a bit however this new guy that works there I've been in there with him several times and most of the time he's really hateful he's not very customer service person it's sad to see what I'm working in that position however I was in there on 1/25 2020 I got what I needed proceeded to check out a lady before me was there and she had to go grab something else so when she came back I was standing there and she told me to go ahead I told her no you go ahead ma'am and the cashier started waving his hands in the air come on somebody go you both got to check out anyway with the horrible is attitude needless to say I sent my stuff down and left the store there's a Walmart nearby I'll go there from now on I would never go back to the store again I believe his name is Gregory the other employees work there or very nice he seems to have an issue with his attitude and customer service I've worked in customer service jobs and this is no way to treat a customer