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Reviews and Complaints

Family Dollar Horrible Management and employees — management who get their employees to do their personal dirty work!

March 21, As I stood in line at Family Dollar on 801 Gross Rd, store # 10932, the manager from Galloway walked in and when she saw me she was surprised that I had not been to her store, so, long story short, by the time I made it to the register, I was having a conversation with another customer and that is when the manager just started screaming at me in front of everyone, telling me I need to go to the Galloway store and how the Galloway store is under staff and that it is where I need to go and how she was going to remember me, which was a threat! and the one cashier agreed with her at remembering me, making it very clear they would be waiting on me the next time I walked in that store. Both managers always follow me as if I'm a convicted convict! March 19, the managers and cashiers mocked me for wearing a mask and having wipes to clean the basket handle, telling me it wasn't that serious, with all that's going on, so I made it clear that they were not following state guide lines and that's when the manager and a cashier screamed at me asking was i looking for hand sanitizer and I told them I didn't ask yall for anything, why do you insist on screaming and humiliating me? when I made it to the register, both store managers were right there getting their cashiers to do their dirty work and again they put me on the spot questioning saying ma'am are you o.k., you got your mouth covered, you got your wipes and the basket is rubbing against your clothes, and I responded with, I wash every day! and if you don't, you are nasty! after the March 19th incident, I went home wondering what just happened?, when I went back March 21, only to buy birthday cards, God answered my question! as I stood in line being screamed at, the customer behind me tried to deflate the situation, by asking me where did I get my mask from, that Black manager started screaming at me again telling the whole store they have mask, toilet paper and paper towels and that they were not putting anything out simple because she didn't want to, not to mention, she never lift a finger when she's there! and that I couldn't get nothing and she threatened me again, saying how she was going to remember me. I really need to speak with someone from corporate, I'm going back to that particular store, if either manager or cashier approach me, I'm calling the cops, I'm writing a letter to the news paper stating how Family Dollar does not have to follow state rule or guide lines as for as the virus, and I'm emailing the local news stations! I have been treated like crap when I shop at that store and I refuse to stop going because they don't have the right to treat anyone like, and all of their actions and my actions are on camera for all to see! I shop at the store on Galloway, I shop at the store on Town East and I use to shop at the one in Garland but it's a Dollar Tree now. I have never, ever been so humiliated or treated in the way that that staff has treated me in all of my 57 years!!! I'm not going to let this matter just slide! that whole staff is garbage! that white manager follow me from the time I walk through those doors, he get other staff members to do exactly as he tell them to do, the cashiers jump through hoops like animals! after being screamed at and humiliated on March 21, I told them they gotta be stealing, doing favor for a favor and that is the only thing that shut them down!!! and I made it clear that I would be back because they don't have an answer for the way that they target me. I'm going to get my letter together, I'm going to get my emailing in order and I'm going to be very prepared for whatever that horrible staff have waiting for me, the set up they started planning on March 21st for me... Alecia from Mesquite, a regular weekly shopper at Family Dollar... and the cashier refused to give me my receipt March 21st as if I couldn't Google Family Dollar's information.. and yes, there was a store full of witnesses... I know those Family Dollar's cameras work!! a person's actions speak a lot louder than words! Both managers are using their authority for pure pleasure... the black manager made it clear, she couldn't be touched! when your cashiers can conduct themselves in that manner in front of management, it's makes it very obvious it's a favor for a favor, under handed favor, garbage!

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Mar 24, 2020

    Learn how to write in an articulate way, because trying to read your gobbledygook is damn near impossible. I can tell from reading your complaint that you are using wrong words in the wrong parts of the sentences and likely because you can not spell the words you actually wanted to write that you tried to replace it with a word you could spell. I almost think you probably don't speak English and used a translation site to translate but because sentence structure and word meaning doesn't translate correctly through automated software this is what you get.

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