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CVSstore/pharmacy complaint/staff

On 1/9/20 I requested a refill from my doctor. My doctor called in the refill to the store listed above. I got a text a few hours later stating it was too soon to fill the refill and that it could be filled on 1/10/20. (The next day) On 1/10/20 I went to the store at approximately 12:00noon to get the prescription. I stood at the counter for 8 minutes before 1 of the 3 people working at the pharmacy dept walked over and said "Do you need something"? I said I do I need my prescription. I gave my name and DOB and she said you don't have anything to get. I showed her the bottle and then showed her my text I had received on 1/9/20 the day before. she said "I don't care what that say, you don't have anything" "your doctor must not have called it in". I said yes, that my mother in law works at the doctor and she called it in and that I had gotten the text from CVS showing it had been received and I could get it on 1/10/20. She said "well you must be mistaken" and turned around and walked back to what she was doing. The pharmacist nor the other Tech there offered to help or anything. it was just like you can leave now we can't help you. I have 13 regular prescriptions fill per month with CVS/Caremark a month. I will begin moving my business elsewhere. I would suggest someone from CVS Cooperate visit this store unannounced and just see how unprofessional the pharmacy staff is in this store mentioned. It is uncalled for to have this type of action as well as the length of time it takes to get your medicine filled there due to inadequate staffing. My email is [protected] if anyone cares to reach out to me. If not. It will not surprise me due to the customer service you get in the store.