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Reviews and Complaints

very rude employees!

I am a single mother on a fixed income and patronize this particular safeway store because I do not have a car and it is close to where we live. On 1/9/08 we shopped at this safeway and my 9 year old had a dollar in quaters that he wanted to spend, he put all four quarters in the vending machines and they ate all four! The evening before the machine ate two quarters. The woman that was ringing me up had helped me the previous night (she was not too nice then either). When I told her what had happened she treated me like I was a criminal and trying to swindle her out of money! She explained that those machines are owned by a different company and I can understand that, what I do not appreciate is the fact that she was very rude and condecending. While I was trying to explain to the clerk the woman that was bagging my groceries kept repeatedly asking "what machine?" "what machine". When I told her, she replied with a very rude "well I was just wondering"! What buiseness was it of her. I will not be shopping there again they are not worthy of my money!

  • Ry
    Ryan Aug 21, 2008

    I work at this store and it is not right for you to patronize ALL of us. its stockton...RUDE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! but i happen to be very professional. dont give us all a bad name because one employee may have been having a bad day or might just need to work on his/her people skills. im sorry for the bad expirience but please dont take it so bad. I work in the meat dept. and I would be glad to demonstrate good customer service.


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  • X1
    x123 Mar 22, 2010

    Lady, put yourself in the cashier's shoes. While it is nice to get understanding and compassion from an employee, do YOU have that towards the employees? Most cashiers are overworked and underpaid and deal with hoards of rude, demanding, entitled, apathetic customers. The cashier was right. What did you want the employee to do? Take money out of their drawer to the vendor's erring machine? Everything is autonomy and big business today. Stop blaming and pigeon-holing cashiers because they have to deal with the realities of the big nasty corporate world themselves...Did you just get here from another planet?

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  • gesserfan Aug 02, 2010

    You got uspet at the bagger asking what machine it was? Maybe she had some info to try and help you, and you gave her a snudey attitude. youre a [censor]ing [censor]. go get a new attitude, and when you do, try and shop in a grocery store again.

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