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Dollar Generalrude employee ashlee

I was sitting in my car on a business call and my mother went into the store to grab a movie. She said she went into the movie isle to look for a movie she wanted. She went up to the register to ask the cashier Ashlee for help. My mom said there are two Ashlee that work there cause she comes in all the time. She said this Ashlee was not the young one, she was the older one. And she was very rude to my mother. She said the younger Ashlee is always very nice to her. But this older one had the nerve to tell my mother "I'm not about to look through those movies. That's crazy." My mother walked out after that and told me. My mother has a hard time seeing titles. I told her calm down and I'm going to contact corporate and report her. I love this store myself, and I never had any issues here. The employees are always great, but this Ashlee is definitely not a people person and needs to be fired or I'm not coming back here again. I will not bring my mom. And I will contact my friend at the Toledo Blade if I have too. She needs to go.

  • Ke
    KeepinItClassy Feb 02, 2020

    ..this is an absolutely ridiculous complaint. it is not the employees job to look for and read movie titles. they don’t just sit there and wait for a customer. they have stuff to get done. they simply do not have the time. btw this is not something corporate is gonna do anything about. why do people feel so powerful calling corporate over something so minor and irrelevant?

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  • Jo
    Johnathan Jαckson Feb 04, 2020

    You are right. I am embarrassed by her and wish she would die soon. I could not go to the store with her because she spilled her coffee over her blouse. It is so embarassing to be seen with her. I let her go by herself. I yelled at her for making me go in the store with her. I slapped her across the face. She cried and I told her she was embarassing. This would not happen had the cashier help her.

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