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Aspen Dental - Neglect or Incompetency

I am having a problem I’m hoping you can help bring to a resolution. I went to Aspen Dental located 10411 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg Ohio 43551 on June 10, 2022 to discuss and schedule a root canal. I was given a financial work sheet which illustrated the cost of the procedure including a deep cleaning that I was told was required prior to getting the root canal along with a $750. deposit. I can’t remember the original date of the deep cleaning, but Aspen Dental for whatever reason rescheduling me twice before actually performing the deep cleaning October 9th. 2022. Even though the deep cleaning was a part of the root canal package Aspen Dental billed my insurance for the procedure as if it was an independent procedure instead of it being part of the root canal. I had to pay $193.00 out of pocket.

Since the deep cleaning back in October 2022 I have called Aspen Dental in December of 2022 and actually visited Aspen Dental on February of 2023 about the root canal and on both inquiries I was told once they received the doctor’s schedule, they would contact me to schedule the root canal. I called Aspen Dental on June 12th 2023 to speak with someone about getting a refund of $750.00, seeing as how by this time a whole year has passed. I was told someone would be contacting me by the end of day but no one called. I called Aspen Dental again on Thursday June 15th about the refund and was told there was a “ticket” submitted for the refund, I should receive it in 10 days, someone will call you by the end of the day, which needless to say, it didn’t happen.

I am not one of those kind of people who will claim discrimination anytime something doesn't work in their favor, but I'm a person of color and I am physically disabled so I would be lying if I said I didn't feel like maybe there is "something" going on that in a years time with several inquiries I couldn't get a root canal.

Desired outcome: Verification there is a $750.00 refund check being processed to be mailed to me.

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8:18 am EDT

Aspen Dental - Appointments

I had 3 scheduled appts in May for my son. System issues and never was seen. 2 appts we drove to the location to find nobody was being seen and that they would call to reschedule. 3rd appt office was locked with a notice on the door of the system being down. Scheduled 3 appts online after no ome called to reschedule previous appts like I was told. I missed the first appt. 2nd appt June 6th informed that online scheduling is just for new patients and that Id need to schedule again. So I now have an appt set for Fri. Appts required for fillings were paid in full at last appt in April. May wanna change your online appt feature to NEW patient only.

Desired outcome: Dont really care. After this I wont be returning to Aspen Dental.

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