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January 15, 2020

Complaint against…

Floor Coverings International - Cleveland West

681 Moore Road

Avon, Ohio 44012

Office - (440) 933-0006

Owner - Mr. John Toth

Cell - (216) 409-7277

Office Manager - Ms. Wendy Benson

(440) 933-0006

Design Associate - Mr. Darrell Myers

Cell - (440) 213-7133

To Whomever This May Concern,

This report is about ten pages long (a brief summary of it is near the bottom).

I was in need of a flooring company to remodel the utility, kitchen, and bathrooms with tile. I did not have anyone in mind, so I thought of Angie's List and then selected Floor Covering...

Mr. Myers, the business planner, came to my home to discuss the project. Lisa Torres, my daughter helped with picking out a tile design via a three-way cell phone conference. Mr. Myers provided tile samples via cell request sent a few pictures to Lesa for viewing. The date of this meeting was August 27, 2019. I entered into a smartphone contract for $3, 432.00 plus extra costs if overruns exceeded the estimate. I paid half down 1, 716.00. Upon leaving, Mr. Myers added, in about two weeks we will call to set up a time to start work.

About two weeks later, I received an office call from Ms. Wendy Benson, telling me the supplier had to back-ordered the item. And well call me when it arrived. OK, I thought, these things do happen.

Time seemed to drag on, about another two-three weeks past. I called the office to be told, still waiting.

More time past, I talked to Ms. Benson the second time, same basic response.

By this time, I was suspecting something did not add up to good business practices. About a month after I made these calls, I get an email from Angie's List. It was a survey of questions on the work that had been done. I could not in earnest reply because nothing had been done. But the survey did raise spiculation. I received it after reasonable time past where most companies would have already completed the tasks.

In return, I attempted to send a memo to Angie's in hopes they would send a message to them (Floor Covering…) related to the survey and the frustration I"m feeling in not getting it done. I attempted, but the email seemed to had been aborted. That is, I do not know what happened to it, I searched the files but found nothing.

Soon after, I made a third call to the office, Ms. Benson answered. She started, I interrupted and rattled my upset- why-what's going on. Her reply was, the order is coming from China. I paused a bit to find composure...China! If I knew this, you would not have gotten my business. What's wrong with American made? Her response, most of them are made overseas. The back and forth exchange was becoming a test of wills, I ended the call before losing mine.

I made three calls to Mr. Darrell Myers within a week's time. He returned the third. In brief, he canceled the order coming from China.

And suggested ordering the material elsewhere. At that point, I just wanted to end the inadequate services provided up to now yet did not care to start over so I consented.

Time past, little over a week, then Ms. Benson called setting up a starting date.

On the day the work began, it soon ended in confusion. Two men showed up. The second entered about ten minutes later. The first was holding a section of laminate strip in his hand. He asked, is this the pattern you wanted? Yes, but in reality was I confused. That was not the tile I ordered but waited to hear him explain the whys of it. Instead, he went into the kitchen and I to the office, pain in my lower back insisted I set. Minutes later after gaining some relief, I heard the front door open and close. The guy left the house and returned with Mr. John Toth, owner of the company.

I waited to see if he would explain the switch from tile to laminate but nothing said. Strange, I thought, they didn't bring in any supplies to start the work. The men began moving things out of the utility area, some ending up in the living room. The washer and dryer were moved last.

Mr. Toth appeared at me through the office door and said in so many words, we cannot start the work. The flooring needs fixing and there is a water leak coming out of a pipe. Mr. Toth said, they would be back after I took care of what needed to be done, and handed me his business card saying, call me when you're ready...and added, when we are done, can you get someone to move stuff back in place? I was surprised by the comment and firmly said, no, the handling was part of the contract. Without hesitation he left. I stared at his business card afterward and thought, what did I get myself into. The card was soiled, certainly not a good way to leave a positive impression. At this point in time, I lost confidence, having feelings of less hope in getting the job done as planned.

Without delay, I hired a plumber and later that afternoon he got the job done.

I called Mr. Toth the following morning and told him the water leak was repaired. His response in so many words was: call me when the floor had been repaired. My response. Can you suggest someone to call? No.

I was given the impression, the flooring was not a part of the company's expertise in handling. So I hired a handyman. He did such an impressive job on the utility floor, I asked him about doing the tile. Piece of cake! The floor was the hard part. He went to Home Depot for the tile and picked out a design closest to the original I had chosen.

In about a week's time, Mr. Toth did not even call to inquire if anything was done. I called the office, Mr. Myers answered the phone. In brief, I told him to cancel the order. I got someone else for the job, and he is already done with the utility room. I lost total confidence after Mr. Toth showed up with the wrong floor panel, Mr. Myers replied, you signed a contract-I interrupted and rambled in words like-the biggest mistake I made was when Ms. Benson told me the product was coming from China. I should have canceled at that point!

Before hanging up, I told him, You have two weeks to return my deposit less the cost of labor for the work done. We must come to an agreement on serves rendered. If the remainder is not put back into my credit account on the day after expected, I will call my lawyer. If that happens and a case follows, I will request that your company pay the legal fees if the case is in favor.

About a week past, Ms. Benson called. A settlement of labor cost came to an agreement and the remainder of the deposit would be placed back into the account if...and the "if" is what needed further thought on my part after the conversation ended.

The "Iffy" centered on a contract (this time written) she wanted me to sign before the release of funds. She said Mr. Myers would bring it to the house pending on when I would be home. A date was not set-up at the time of the call.

The following day, I called her back, requesting review of the contract by sending it to me via email. She consented.


November 27,

Hi Leonard,

I have attached the letter as a pdf for you to open and view. Just click on the attachment labeled "Hough letter".

Give me a call when you're ready to schedule us to come out and get your signature. We will have a copy of this letter printed so you don't have to use your ink to print it.

Thanks, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Best Regards,

Wendy Benson

Office Manager

Floor Coverings International ~ Cleveland West

440-822-5594 (cell)

440-933-0006 (office)


I received the contract the following day. The unfortunate mistake on my part is I did not save the info. So, I will simply comment: The contract included issues beyond the basic concern of returning what was due, less labor cost. The contract requested two signatures. Mr. Myers and my own.

The remainder of this report centers on back and forth email info, except for the summary at the end.

The following was written to Ms. Benson.


November 29,

Ms. Benson,

With all do respect, signing this contract is not, in my opinion, necessary.

Returning what is monetarily owed does not need a contract, the return is the most paramount.

The verbal contract (cell phone signature) was for work to be done, was in replacing the old with new tile in the utility, kitchen, and bath-rooms, totaling $3, 432.

I forwarded (via credit account) half down which totaled $1, 716.

I agreed to pay ($245.) for the labor completed by two men who came to the house and removed appliances plus, from the utility room floor, clearing the area for further work.

The remaining amount after I aborted the job is $1, 471. The amount shaded in red is what needs to be placed back into my credit account.

December the ninth, is the last day of a two-week time span, in returning the money.

On the 10th, I will be contacting my attorney.

If he feels we should proceed in collecting, turning back will not be an option. I will request, legal fees to be paid by Floor Covering International - Cleveland West.

And last but not least: If I had been told at the onset, the reasons for the delay was because the product is coming from China, I would not have proceeded with the job.

Before knowing the origin, I had been told about three weeks into the job, the supplier had back-ordered the product. I Didn't think much of it than, not unusual.

Now I want to file a complaint with the company for possible insufficient business dealings they may not be aware of.

I need the name of the company, address and purchase order number related to my work order.

If this is not workable, I will relay the message.

Questions are welcome till the ninth of December.

Leonard R. Hough


December 1,

Hi Leonard,

The contract you signed on Darrell's tablet was not a verbal contract, but a binding signed contract. The document I forwarded to you cancels the contract you signed with Darrell, ending your requirement to pay for the materials ordered. I hope this clears up your misunderstandings of the purchase agreement you physically signed and the recent document I sent.


Best Regards,

Wendy Benson

Office Manager

Floor Coverings International ~Cleveland West



December 2,

Ms. Benson,

Thank you for the update.

What can you share with me about the China supplier?

Leonard R. Hough


December 6,

Your card has been credited by FLOOR COVERINGS INTERNATIONAL-AVON LAKE. Below is

your receipt of payment.

Transaction Details

Date: 12/06/19 07:08:36


Type: Credit Card Refund (Credit)

Invoice #:

Amount: -1, 471.00

Description: Project cancelled-less labor

Card Holder: Leonard R Hough

Card Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1116



No response from Ms. Benson concerning the China supplier. I felt the supplier should be notified, aware of happenings they may find in disfavor (not of their doings). This concludes my report. Remembering precisely over a period of two months (about 72 days) is not possible. I highlighted the most important parts.

A summary…

After months of thought (obviously not enough), I took the first steps toward remodeling the kitchen, utility, and bathroom. I needed advice on who to contact in doing the job. I like thousands of others in similar situations to choose Angie's List for advice on choosing a pro. Well, as it turned out, the pro I hired let his guard down in delivering acceptable services. And after about two months of nothing being done on my end, I terminated the contract with Floor Covering International - Cleveland West.

The ten-page report above which details most of the critical areas was written not as a vendetta, but as reminders of acts poorly addressed can lead to regretful endings.

And if I could, I would warn future clients to expect nothing but the best in services from these pros. And they are pros, that are losing footing through a volley of excuses, and in my case the attempt to pass-the-buck contribute to counter-professional practices.

I include myself in letting my guard down. For at least a decade and beyond, I had a handyman that finally gave up the practice. Old age cannot be defeated. Anyway, before tackling a problem, he would detail the cost of it (estimate) on paper (contract) before starting the work. And what he could not do, I would hire someone else who upon request provided a written statement. I should have but didn't think (getting old) written details when the planner from Floor….wanted a cellphone signature.

A written contract would have reduced the chances of what I called "excuses" when confronted with issues.

Professionalism includes updates when reasonable time-frames are not communicated. About a month past, updates on the tile, I gather, was not a mutual concern. I called them and was told the product was still back- ordered and's coming from China. Wow! I almost lost my myself for my own stagnation.

Once more...unbelievable as it sounds...another month had passed before I found my voice. I found my voice the day after the owner of Floor Covering...came to the house with the wrong product. All I heard from that end in days that follow were words like impossible (excuses). When the original product was chosen, my daughter was on a phone extension from her home. In fact, she chose the tile pattern which I agreed upon.

I felt two months of waiting was more than sufficient reason to cancel the contract. And the person who picked up the contract handled it in writing. The utility room got done in three days, not two months thinking about doing it. I'm hoping something good comes out of detailing this venture?


Leonard Hough



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