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Blink Fitness - Employment and supervision

My Name is Parris Lozada. I was a Blink employee at 301 w 125 St Ny Ny Location. This is my first employment ever . I was eager and excited to begin my work career, but it slowly became a horrible experience. When I started my employment with Blink, it was a learn as you go and on your own. I was even asked to open the location at four AM alone with no security or coworker. Since I started the days and hours have changed drastically. There was a period where employees were either resigning and or quitting. This period became confusing, inconsistent and unprofessional to those who were still employed. A few weeks ago, we were assigned a new manager. Mr. Eric Martinez. My scheduled quickly changed. The hours changed, the time changed and i went from four days to Two days 5 hours each creating a hardship on my finances.

My time and attendance when it came tardiness was not the best but, I was working on making it better since so many changes were occurring and schedules constantly changing. At no point at All Has Mr. Martinez spoken to me in reference to anything. I have recently been dealing with a health issue that led me to the Emergency Room on Wednesday February 28th 2024. I made this aware to Mr. Martinez. Due to the Emergency Room visit and the time I was discharged it wasn't Possible to

attend work.

On Saturday March 2, 2024 I arrived at Blink to retrieve my wages and bring in my medical documentation. I was asked by Mr. Martinez to come into the office because he needed to speak with me. This is the first time Mr. Martinez has requested to speak with me. This was done behind closed doors alone, which is a bit intimidating. He started by stating that this was a final warning. That I was a no call, no show. Again, I reiterate that I called to inform him I was in the ER and I also had my medical documentation on hand. He proceeded to say how he has been trying to talk to me but has never had a chance. I then took the opportunity to tell him that some of the coworkers informed me that he was out in the open discussing with them my time and attendance, My personal information and pointed out that he was not " Feeling Me". This was all discussed with everyone else but me. In a manager's position this is so unprofessional and a violation of my private and personal information. He then admitted to me that he did discuss it with the staff. He also stated he hasn't been able to speak with me therefore he told them. He continued to rant about several things he has not discussed with me and stated this was a final warning.

I felt so overwhelmed and pressured where I saw no other alternative but to resign at that moment. He Then told me. Okay. Thank You and where are his keys. The most disrespectful, dehumanizing experience I have ever been through. I believe proper protocol was not performed by him inleading to a final warning, and a violation of my privacy was committed.

It will be a great relief to me to speak with someone and to know that proper action and discipline is followed.

Desired outcome: Better training

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11:31 pm EDT

Blink Fitness - I’m complaining about the heat at the 125 st location

At the 125th street location, the air conditioning is not working. Why? The heat is ridiculous. For months, the air conditioner has been inoperable. The front desk has not responded after I spoke with them. The air conditioning works in other Manhattan locations where I've been. I've already voiced my displeasure over this problem and it’s not been resolved. And I believe it's because it's in a largely black neighborhood. Please ensure all locations are attended and treated to properly. Additionally, someone becoming hurt can be the result of moisture buildup on the floors from the heat.

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9:25 pm EDT

Blink Fitness - Age requirement and rudeness from staff


I wanted to send an email out to Blink Fitness on 125th street. Today on April 29, 2021, one of my friends came to the gym with her 16 year old sister. The both of them needed to use the bathroom. However, they were stopped by one of your workers, stating that my friends' sister couldn't use the bathroom. One of your workers stated that she couldn't use the bathroom because she's underage which I find to be complete nonsense. The worker continued to talk down to my friend as if she was a little kid and hearing telling that, didn't sit right in my soul. No one should be talked to like they're six years old when the person is confused as to why that is a rule in a public gym. I would understand if it was a gender neutral bathroom but it's not. So I do have a question. What is the "age requirement" for people to use the bathroom at blink fitness? Also, is it
Have a good day.

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