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Blink Fitness - Manager’s rude and confrontational behavior

I am a regular at Blink and I have also been going to gyms for decades and have NEVER witnessed the terrible and dangerous behavior displayed by the manager today. I have seen him before but today something was going on. I saw him verbally assaulting different members of the gym. 4 that I saw. All of whom he pushed their barbells to the ground while they were exercising. They got into heated arguments with him because he would insult them and say "this is my F'ing gym" and that was all in about 2 hours of interrupted session. He is awful as both a manager or staff or just a person in general. Too much stress you can sense from Everyone around him including staff. You can see all of it on camera from their cameras this morning 8-10am

Desired outcome: Please remove him from the gym.

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11378, US
Nov 24, 2021 8:25 pm EST

Hi JeffreyPH131!,
I agree the manager that is new is named Jonathan. Jonathan feels it's okay to treat Blink members unsatisfactory and is a terrible example of a leader. I just filed a formal grievance and o suggest that you do the same. Jonathan is biased, confrontational, sexist and egotistical. He is rude to members and uses profanity against members. He is unfit with that type of negative behavior and mentality to manage a gym of people who working hard at bettering thmeselves. Last time that I checked the gym was supposed to be a place to feel free to work out in peace, harmony and get workouts done with no issues.

12:53 pm EST
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Blink Fitness - they take cancellation fee if you want to cancel the membership before its expiry date

I have attended Blink Fitness and had the membership in their fitness club. Couple of months ago I warned them that I would cancel their membership soon, because I would move into new apartment. The manager told me that they would return some money back and he asked me to come when I would be ready to cancel the membership. After the cancellation, thi...

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