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CB Medical Services and Facilities LabCorp 3131 W Charleston Blvd STE 110, Las Vegas, NV, 89102, US
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3131 W Charleston Blvd STE 110, Las Vegas, NV, 89102, US
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LabCorp - Routine lab work

I have had a UTI for about 10 days. On Sept. 13th my urine sample was sent from our clinic Alternatives For Women in Las Vegas to Labcorp. The container had only my first name, the receptionist forgot to put my last name. On Sept. 15th I received an email notice from Labcorp that they could not process the testing. WHY? They knew who I was to send me the email. This morning 9.17.23 I went to the only location you have open on Saturday at 3131 W. Charleston Blvd. There was no one at the intake desk for several minutes. Having the UTI and a full bladder I was very uncomfortable and the restroom is behind a locked door to the lab. I knocked softly on the window to get an attention from someone. A heavy set Back man in a lab coat said that he was busy with someone. I waited another several minute before he made it to the intake desk. I explained that the reason I knocked on the window was that I needed to get the container to leave a urine sample and I needed to use the restroom. To this he replied very unprofessionally "I don't have to drop all I am doing because you need to pee". I am 69 years old and do not need to be scolded in front of other people in the waiting area. Being upset over his lack of professionalism, I asked him to announce it even louder. Then he told me that I will not be seen! I have been your client for over 25 years getting at least 2 bloodwork tests a year. If this person is not reprimanded I am taking all my future business elsewhere.

Desired outcome: I want John the heavyweight Black technician who worked at your 3131 W. Charleston location on Saturday Sept. 17th reprimanded. He acted like a "Princess" totally unprofessional.

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