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Reviews and Complaints

Walmart 22x52 intex ultra xtr pool — Missing Liner and Pump

The intex ultra xtr 22x52 pool is supposed to ship in 3 boxes.I received box 2 out of 3.Box 2 had the legs, ladder, and skimmer set.I'm assuming box one was the liner and box 3 the pump.It was supposed to ship to me on March 12, 2020.It was a week late.I didn't get it till March 18, 2020.I called customer service and got nothing but run around.I asked did you ship all 3 boxes to the pool? She just kept saying we shipped a pool.She then blamed XPO, the shipping service for losing 2 boxes.I called XPO next and they checked the inventory and manifest sheet and only sent one box.Box 2 out of 3.So has this same pool listed by vm express.Instead of helping me get the missing 2 boxes she refunded my money.I guess that was easier than trying to help the customer get what they paid for and ordered.Walmart's customer service sucks and XPO wasn't any better but XPO did look for the missing boxes that walmart never attempted to send.So i'm left with box 2 out of 3.I would like the rest of my pool.Intex is conveniently closed due to coronavirus.Shame that they couldn't afford one person to answer a phone and help out a pissed of customer that will never buy intex again.