Metro by T-Mobile

2701 Route 42, Sicklerville, NJ, 08081, US

Reviews and Complaints

Metro PCSsamsung j7 star - old model phone received for new service

Horrible management, horrible service. Mistake to step in this store. I went in to purchase two lines and asked which kind of promotions they are running and which phones - they pointed me to some phones that I made the purchase from because they came free with the plan. However, upon activating those lines and leaving and looking on their website, I discovered that they pointed me to the old phones, older models of the phones that were actually available to have free with the plan - those phones were behind the counter and not displayed on the floor with any kind of sales or promotional sign - I went back in and asked to return the phones for the newer models that were free with the plan and they simply refused to take the phones back even though I bought them 20 minutes before and even though I told them that they never told me about those newer models that were available with the plan for free. I simply told them to exchange them for me with the newer models, they said they will have to charge me a cancellation fee and an activation fee for the new lines and tax all over again and even the manager refused and said the same thing. I told them I am not leaving the store until they exchange this, my newborn was in the car with the mother crying because this had already taken so long, and they said they will call the cops if I don't leave - I told them to go ahead because I need to exchange or return these phones since you did not provide any information on the newer models being free and just gave me the old phones and models. The cops came, they heard the story and said this is a civil matter. Now, I will be going to court to file a suit against this shop and metro-pcs for giving me this kind of hurdle that I should not have to go through in the first place. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, the DM for this location including regional VP and president, CEO of T-mobile. I will be writing on all the social media outlets that MetroPCS represents because I did not deserve this kind of customer service when I walked in to become a customer and I am horrified at the way I was treated. I need an apology, I also need this fixed ASAP. I expect someone from Metro to call me right away to resolve this.