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Dollar Generalmanagement

I had purchased a DG Twin Pack Automatic spray refill and found that the dispenser could push down the sprayer. I had a hard time pushing it down with my finger. This purchase was on 07.14.19, receipt # 899626172142839816310920919919918015221161.

Today, 07.17.19 @ 11:20 am I tried to return the twin pack refills and explained to the manager who said I could not return the items because the packaging had been taken off. I told her I removed the packaging carefully and all it would take is two pieces of tape. She refused to do the return, turned and walked away; I will never again set foot in a DG because of her curt, sour comments.

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    TheManager Jul 18, 2019

    Chips are on sale. You’re there now, aren’t you?

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