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Dollar Generalchild's cell phone

I was in dollar general sunday afternoon with grandbaby she gets her own basket and she can have a couple of toys she picks them out her self and pays for them her self at age 3 indeed I give her the money but she gives her money to the person at register and waits for her change and reciept well she was not happy neither was I she got her a toy cell phone out of a box marked a dollar but when we got to register he wrong up item and it said 550 well I explaned to the guy it was in dollar box manger or who was in charge no were to be found I explaned to her what the guy said and she said not right poppa I asked you still want it she said no and got her a candy bar instead if a item is in a box or on shelf and says 1.00 then its a dollar it was not right...

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    Seriously87 Mar 31, 2020

    Hi, Karen, how are you doing today? Let me explain a little something to you since you seem to possibly be retarded. An item is the price it is in the system. Regardless of where you find it. Customers come in the store ALL the time and put crap wherever they want. If we honored the price of the label where you found it (did you bother reading the label? No. You people never do), we'd lose a TON of money. Trying to get $4.50 off an item because some asshole put it in the wrong place is theft. Plain and simple.

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