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Reviews and Complaints

Resolved violation of privacy, harassment, intimidation, hostility.

Treatment of employees, and moral within the workplace.
The personnel director Carolyn has violated an issue of privacy.

An incident occurred where an associate had taken personel leave for 2 days to visit an ill family member, the notice was given to the main store manager and information was not communicated to the dept. of the associate. Therefore the associates had became concerned to the were abouts of the employee when the employee had not shown for work, one associate had went to the personnel manager "carolyn" for personel information of the missing employee, the personnel manager Carolyn had given personal information phone number and address to the associate to call and drive to the residence of the associate missing...this action violates the laws of Hepa.

Other things which happen in the store include treatment of employees with disabilities, management's emotional abuse towards these individuals such as increased work loads, neglect as in no encouragement to these employees for completed tasks, not only applying to disabled associates but also applies to hourly non-disabled employees.

Another issue is under staffing, staffing individuals with disabilities alone in one dept. to attend to customer service and overloaded work tasks to encourage the employees to resign their positions at Walmart.

Other issues are retailiation for employees which use the open door from outside sources other than the facility which they are employed, in this case Sedalia Missouri store 0219.

Policies not consistant within the facility resulting in termination of retailated employees.

My Clients would like your help to aid this situation and perhaps seek a class action lawsuit.