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Avis - The agent mistakenly added insurance coverage when I told her I declined!


To whom it may concern,

I have a slight issue with the serious situation that happened to me upon checking out an Avis rental car at the Kansas City Airport for a trip I took to Kansas on Thursday, September 7th around 1:30pm and returning the vehicle on Sunday, September 10th. I reserved the car as I always do with NO additional insurance and the lady at the counter asked me that and I stated NO. There was an NFL football game in town that evening, a huge convention in town and a NASCAR race in town that weekend, so the line to rent cars was around 50+ people deep that afternoon. There were having trouble getting cars fast enough and I was about 10 people back and the woman helping me was rushing and rushing people thru to get them cars and I believe she marked the insurance blocks by mistake and I told her NO. I signed as I said NO, but I never received a copy of the rental, which seemed weird, as I had not rented from Avis in ages, but said it was in my email. The total at that time was around $490 and she told me the additional was for a deposit that every rental has and will be refunded upon my return on Sunday. I said, ok, I’ve never had a deposit added before, but she pushed me along and out the door. I was in a hurry to travel to my destination and didn’t check my email until I got back to the airport to depart for my home destination.

Upon check in back on Sunday, the total was like $490.23 where it should have been around $272.90, and the lady checking me in said that was for the additional insurance you purchased! And, I said to her NO, I didn’t agree to the additional insurance and the woman made a mistake. She said there was nothing she could do, but to speak to the manager on Monday, who was Joe on Monday. I left my business card to ask him to call me and to this date, no one has called. The number she gave me was: [protected] was to his number. So I called on Monday but that number NEVER got thru to anyone at the KC Avis office and only sent me to customer service to a foreign country and no one could understand or I could understand them, so I kept trying different ways to try and get thru. So, finally called the KC Airport asking for a direct number to the offices of Avid and they gave me: [protected]. So, I called that number and it went to know where and just keeps ringing and ringing, and answers, then hangs up!...

So, thus why I’m trying to get in touch with Avis customer service and explain what happened and speak with someone about it. This is VERY, VERY frustrating as you can imagine in not being able to speak with someone in person or on site. The lady on Sunday when I checked out was getting very rude and asked me to leave the counter as there was nothing more she could do and all I asked for was a manager and she said no manager was on duty? That seems VERY strange as to not have a manager on duty that day.

All I’m asking for is to remove the additional $193.44 in charges for insurance when I’ve NEVER purchased insurance for any car rental I have as my credit card and my insurance covers all of my rental cars for damage. Could someone please reach out to me on this and please explain and help with my situation.

Thanks for your help and support.

Desired outcome: To remove the unjust charges that i didn't approve of at the total of $193.44.

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