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6:14 pm EDT

Capital Vacations / Capital Resorts Group - Marketing sales

When I checked into Stormy Point Village I was asked IF I would sit through a timeshare Presentation. He told me if I would sit through the presentation they would give me 125 dollar American express card and a $30 gift card to a local restaurant in Branson. They said the presentation would run about 90 to 120 minutes. Well guess what I attended the presentation and It was over 3 hours 3 hours and 15 minutes to be exact. When I refused to buy they refused to give me my perks of the 125 dollar gift card and the 30 dollar gift card. I was pissed I wasted over 3 1/2 hours of my vacation with travel for a scam. I am not usually one to complain but this takes the cake. What a very unethical company.

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3:25 pm EDT

Capital Vacations / Capital Resorts Group - timeshare

I signed up in 2015 and have had nothing but problems! first I was told if I wanted out of this at ANY time I could sell. I was also told my fees would never go up. Both LIES! I have asked every year to get out, now I just want out - I don't even care if I don't get money back I just want out of the awful contract and experience. I have been lied to, treated very unkindly, hung up on, ignored and I'm sick of it!

Below is my most recent incident. I have copied the email I just sent again today. It reads:
Good morning Odessa,

I would like to address the email you sent me. I gave low score's for the website because I do not feel it is very useful. If I want to figure anything out (points/benefits/vacations) I need to call because you can't get the information off the website. For example, if I want to book a vacation for next week I know the points are not what the website says and I have to call to find out how many points the vacation would actually cost me.

I have spoken with numerous customer service reps and I have even taken the time to have someone "show me around" the website. I'm pretty sure I knew it better than the rep because every question I asked I was told it's just easier to call in. So let me tell you about my most recent "call in" to your office…

I called in to discuss how I thought I should have had more points than what my balanced showed. Within the first 4 minutes of my conversation your representative hung up on me because I stopped her to tell her she was misunderstanding what I was saying…. She told me I was rude and hung up on me… within 4 minutes and 1 questions. This is not the first time a rep has hung up on me; in fact, if you keep documentation you will see this happens almost every time I call in (maybe you should hire customer service reps that can handle the tough questions).

I called right back and got a young man on the phone. I requested to speak with a supervisor but they were all in a meeting. I asked him to have a supervisor call me back when they are done meeting. I asked him in the meantime if he could help me. He definitely tried and understood the discrepancy I was talking about. He then said he had to transfer this on to someone to "review" my points. Before hanging up I thanked him for being kind to me and reminded him to have a supervisor call me back.

3 days later I called back in because I did not get any calls back. Not even from a Supervisor…. The rep I talked with then told me she didn't see a discrepancy but also stated she could see the screen that Raphel (Capital rep) and I were looking at together just 3 days earlier… Weird right? The rep I was talking with then told me she needed to transfer this on to have it reviewed. I asked her if someone could PLEASE call me back and reminded her that a Supervisor still has not called me back from earlier in the week.

Later that night I did get an email from a "Barbara Cetin" with a spreadsheet attached stating I could view all my transactions since I have been an owner. Well, of course this spreadsheet does not make any sense based on the transaction I have done and does not tell me anything other than your information is way off. I emailed back emailed back the same day… no response- I emailed the next day… still no response. I emailed the following Monday… no response I emailed yesterday… still no response… This is pretty awful!

Yesterday I got a call from someone at Capital Vacations inviting me to an owners meeting since I have not been to one….. I explained to the guy that I am still waiting for a supervisor to call back and get my points straighten out because I have to have them banked or I will lose them. I explained that because nobody is getting back to me and helping me, my 75 days before expiration will be pasted. He was clearly not ready for me to put all this on him and was uncomfortable. He then proceeded to tell me to call there again and speak with someone. I giggled at this point and was like "are you serious"… make another call, for someone not to help me or call me back….. We ended the call because he was not willing to help me either.

Finally, I get your email. I'm really hoping you or you can get someone to help me my issues. This is absolutely unacceptable how I have been treated almost every time I have called, it unacceptable that now I can't bank my points because nobody there can pick up a phone and have a conversation with an owner, it's unacceptable how many times I have been treated poorly by the employees of Capital Vacations!

Attached you will see that I have scanned in a copy of the emails sent (so there is not questions if they were sent or not). I have also attached a copy of the spreadsheet sent to me. I am also including what I show so hopefully I can get some answers and get the points that I have paid for. I would also like to point out that because you can only bank your points 1 time (from the previous year) and you lose what you don't use or bank for the current year, that it is pointless to go back to the beginning. The only points available to me for 2019 were the points I banked from 2018 and the points I get every year because anything older would have fell off…

So a few things. I understand how my timeshare works and how the exchange works. Here is what I can tell you because it seems the reps on the phone do not understand how the exchange works. When I use Interval World Exchange - each exchange is a minimum of 15, 000 point transaction along with an exchange fee of a minimum of $159.00 (2019 pricing). I have only used points booking through Interval World in 2019 so it is impossible for only 7, 850 points to have been taken. When looking at the spreadsheet that Barbara sent it shows a transaction for 15000, 7850, and 15000 for 2019. This makes no sense considering I can view my account online and see this does not match.

You may ask what I am looking to achieve. I'm looking to receive the accurate number of points I have paid for. I should have 87, 700 according to my records based on my reservation for 2019. I want all of those points banked for 2020 at NO CHARGE considering I'm going through this. I do not feel waiving a $40 fee for an owner that has had issues such as mine should be a problem. I want acknowledgement that the reps that have been unkind get further training and education in customer service. I would like an apology from Capital; I really want to say that I want you to change my experience from awful to remarkable but the last time I asked for that I got nothing.

I am expecting to hear back from you within the next 48 hours with a solution to my issues and would like this all corrected within that time frame as well. I appreciate you taking the time to read through this and help me with my issues. I look forward to speaking with you to resolve this situation.


Kelly Vandehey

I guess we will see if I actually get a response but I'm not counting on it. Again, I WANT OUT OF THIS CONTRACT! Now they wont even give me the points that I have paid for...

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