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customer service

This was the first time I came to that Safeway. The cashier was friendly but kinda slow, I payed with a 20$ dollar bill, after that the cashier then tells all about to make a donation with the change for the breast cancer foundation and I say go ahead. Then she just takes the 20$ dollars and turns to the next customer. I was in a rush too so I left without noticing that she didnt give me my change. When I went to another store I noticed the I got money missing. This was by far the worst experience I got so far in any store:
-I made the line again and talked to the cashier and ask her very politely if she remembers what happened, I give her the receipt and if I could have my money
-She tells me to wait outside the line and I wait, when she is done with her customers she tells me if I have a phone number I told her that I dont have one right now. She tells me that it will take a while for her to check for the money and tells me to go outside and wait for half an hour. I wait again...
-When I came back I enter the store and some people that looked like cashiers ask me to go to customer service, they were very inpolite and rude in their tone and in there was the cashier with the money she owe me, she then tells me about how sorry she is, how busy it was with few cashiers, etc... I said it was ok.
At the end I was sorry too for having bought there in the first place having to wait almost a whole hour and being greeted in such an unfriendly manner after I waited all that time. Lesson: Always check your change and your receipt, especially on a Safeway. what an outrage!! >_<

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    normalguy477 Jul 31, 2010
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    So the checker asked you if you wanted to donate your change to breast cancer and you said go ahead? I think maybe the mystery of your missing change is that you donated it to breast cancer after they asked you and you said okay.

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