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Reviews and Complaints

Panera Breadnever get my order right

The last 4 times I have placed a rapid order pick-up with the Pittsfield Panera my order has not been right. They are always forgetting the bread, not putting meat on my salad when I order, I don't get the soup I ordered. I'm tired of every time we order there is something wrong. I am not one to complain and I know mistakes happen but today I ordered 1 bowl autumn soup, 1 bowl of broccoli cheddar soup, a full spicy thia salad, and a you pick 2 ( Caesar salad w/chicken, broccoli cheddar soup. I checked as I was leaving and they did not put my you pick 2 soup in the bag. When I politely asked for a cup a soup I was told " we ran out of that size container and they were in the back". So they filled it and I apologize feeling as though I was an inconvenience. When I got home I realized my Caesar salad had no meat and we did not receive and baguettes. I have giving it 4 chances so far every time I am unimpressed by how rude SOME of the staff is toward customers and how many times my order has been wrong. Like I said mistakes happen but in this case there is just too many mistakes to not leave a complaint.

never get my order right

Panera Breadprices, customer service

We had been long-time lunch customers for several years but, for the past year or so we've watched prices go up and up and up by $10 or more. Our order is basically the same: 1 pick-two, 1 half sandwich or panini, 2 lattes and two pastries. Our average check was $20-$23 but, recently it came to $32 and change. That's when we stopped going for lunch.

I do the grocery shopping for my family and have worked for or owned food-related businesses. I do understand about food costs and my opinion, your food prices are too high for what you offer.

We do go for breakfast on friday mornings and have noticed some negativity from your staff: smiles are rare; customers are ignored at the counter; everyone seems grumpy behind the line and, all in all, it's not a very friendly atmosphere. Until recently the staff was cheerful, very helpful and never grumpy. We were sorry to see such changes. We did enjoy our weekly lunches at panera but there are many excellent and less expensive restaurants in the berkshires for us to try.

Mrs. Jayne church