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Reviews and Complaints

Krogerfired unjustly

In December 2008 days before the Christmas holiday I was called up to the office in my place of employment, the manager Ms Yolanda Coleman and an investigator she had brought in proceeded to inform me that I was being Suspended for "Stealing Kroger Time" several days earlier.I asked what she was talking about and she and the investigator told me that I had taken an additional break from which I hadnt punched the time clock for.I told Ms Coleman this was an obvious mistake and that I didnt remember taking any addictional break and if I had it was unintentional .I requested that she deduct the alleged time from my weekly hours to make up for the alleged extra break.Ms Coleman declined to do so and I was sent away on suspention.After being on suspention through the christmas holiday and well into the new year I was finally called by Kroger to come in for a meeting regarding my suspension.When I got there a lady from HR (Human Resources) was there as well as a the 'so called' Union representative as well as Ms Coleman.The lady from HR interrogated me for some time asking repeatedly why I had taken this alleged extra break and why hadnt I punched the time clock.I told this person as well as the Union rep. and Ms Coleman I didnt remember taking this alleged extra break and that I was sorry if I had done so, could they just take the alleged extra break out of that weeks pay, just like I had told them months before when they had placed me on suspention.They said that they were going to discuss it and for me to wait down stairs outside the office.A few minutes later the Union Rep. came down from the office and told me that either they would fire me or I could sign a letter of resignation and they wouldnt contest any Unemployment request, allso they would allow me my one week paid vaction check due me anyways because I had worked there for a over a year with Full time status .Feeling hopeless I figured I must take the lesser of the two evils and sign the letter of resignation that they had writen for me.( I wish I hadnt done that but the Union Rep. told me this was the best thing for me to do and that I should just start looking for another job rather than seeking Unemployment )Now this is really screwed up cause Krogers policy states that first an employee is given a verbal warning for such an offence then you are writen up (so the violation is on paper) next I beleave that they give the employee like a week suspention next offence is another longer suspention like thirty days etc etc .Knowing this than why did they skip over any and all correct company procedures and go straight for the kill?Kroger lied, they did contest my unemployment which I ended up eventually getting months later anyways but the amount I receive is sure small and I struggle day to day especially with Our going into this economic recession .I feel I was wronged by Kroger and by Ms Coleman and the Detective, allso the Union Rep. and by the HR lady.What gives?

  • I0
    I'mNotTelling Sep 03, 2009

    I am currently under suspension pending termination with Kroger and most likely about to go to a third step meeting through the union. My situation is different, but I still feel that had my manager come to me with profesionalism as managers should and not with a poor attitude I would not be in this situation. She first of all told my peers she didn't think I was doing anything, rather than come back there and find out what I was or was not doing she let it build, so when she came back there she had a predetermined attitude that I wasn't working. Which was the farthest thing from the case, I'd done way more than usual that night. I was sent home, came in to get my check the next day, which was an off day and was informed of my suspension. We're supposed to abide by certain rules that it seems management does not. They're very degrading at times and make you feel small and if there are no witnesses or anything, you get a "sorry, there is nothing we can do" answer. There are some great people employed within the company in management and regular clerks. But those bad ones, they make it rough all over.

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  • Ja
    Javilan Nov 04, 2009

    At the Kroger I work at that would not happen because the smokers are always on break so how can thay single you out for what thay let others do. My maneger Barrbra Adams Personaly takes people who are on the clock out with her, know thay are on the clock. If your store has this problem to you need to get a lawer and take them to court. Its only fair that even if you are buying a coke or smoking or eating on comany time its all the samething.

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  • No
    nocomment Mar 22, 2010

    I agree with you Sr, these company goverments so to speak have their heads up their ### just like our government!What a crock!!! If I were you I'd seek legal action and make those ### pay you backpay for the entire time you have been off work, and next I would put in for a transfer to another store.These people sound like they would never let this die and would seek to punish you for finally getting the upper hand.I wish you the best of luck and hope you get back to work soon.What goes around comes around.

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  • Jd
    j dogg May 07, 2010

    I got terminated from Kroger for trying to get property back for the store. No suspension, no written warning. I'm not even able to collect unemployment.

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  • Te
    tee n Aug 18, 2010

    I know someone close who is going through almost the same thing. I think that the store need more responsible head managers, HR . The thing is that this someone was trying to do the right thing / My thing is which I can not get into too much detail because everyone has a computer and can read what was said here. but I do have a issue that if you have a job why not do your job and stop passing your work on another employee who if he/she says something about it might lost their job. Who do wrong but don't get reprimanded for it. That is not right.

    Also I have read the complaints here. It is a shame the way our businesses in this state treat the good employees and the ones who don't pull their own load they get good treatment. For the lady that unfortunately lost her job, Krogers could have taken the time away from your pay check. I am sorry but I think they were making an example out of you. And yes that is not right.

    But I also feel that they just lost good employees. and they might not care or see it now, but a long ways down the road they will.

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  • Sc
    scotty19882010 Jan 25, 2011

    i was told i was suspended and 5 months later i havent heard back from them

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  • Uo
    UOP_girl Feb 12, 2011

    I worked at Kroger for 5 months and two weeks and I was put on indefinite suspension. Here is the reason: I work in the deli/bakery and EVERYONE from day one eats, snacks, and nibbles throughout the day, EVEN the dept. heads and managers. I was taking my last break and I grabbed a slice of bread along with the other 50 bags of bread lieing on the table that we use in the deli, (I didnt grab it off the shelf) to go with my chilli. I only got a 15 minute break and it is very difficult to eat in fifteen minutes. I went to the break room and ate my chilli and bread and was gonna go pay for teh bread after my break, however, I WAS not given the chance. I was fired on the spot!! THEY FIRED ME FOR EATING A PEICE OF [censor]ING BREAD!! Anyways, I then proceeded to tell the manager that I would pay for it and she said that it was too late, so she put me on indefinite suspension. I asked her "cant you give me a verbal warning or a write up instaead of firing me", SHE REFUSED. I then filed a greivance throuigh the union, because I felt I was injustly fired. TO make a long story short, my union rep persuaded me into thinking that taking Krogers deal which was "signing a letter of resignation" instead of having theft on my record. So anyways, I resigned. Im a full time college student with bills that I cannot pay becasue of KROGER!!! The management is horrible and not to mention the company as a whole!! ALSO, I was a week and half away from receiving full benefits...they were looking for a reason to fire me so they didnt have to fork out benefits!! I AM NOT STUPID! I was unjustly fired and if I had the money to fight this in court, I would've just to prove a point!!

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  • Uo
    UOP_girl Feb 13, 2011

    thats [censor]!!

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  • Ex
    exkrogeremployee2 Apr 19, 2011

    I also worked for Kroger for right at 2 years and they 'indefinitely suspended' me because I scanned my Kroger's card to give a customer the advertised sales price in the Fuel Center (which is the dept. where I worked). They said that I was stealing points to use for gas rewards and I told them to kiss my behind! EVERYONE in the fuel center scans their krogers card to help the customers, including the manager!The manager and everyone else for that matter has done it in front of me many times and never gotten written up or suspended. I was furious! I had never even been written up until then! They then told me that I would not receive unemployment which I am currently receiving Thank God! And now it seems that they are trying to fight me on it with an appeal! God forbid that they win! Kroger has alot of nasty people working in management who dont care if you lose everything you have & dont mind taking away your only means of survival. I thought they were a good company to work for until now. :-(

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  • Ra
    rainycloud Jul 25, 2011

    i have been suspended for thirty days now in one week i will be homeless i have called the union rep a thousand times and she never answers then she calls back at the oddest hours lets the phone ring twice and hangs up i really dont know what to do i told her that i was going to be homeless and she said thats not my problem and i thought then why was i giving money to you out my check.

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  • Ir
    irishmn69 Aug 15, 2011

    My wife was just fired for ringing her Dr. Pepper out on a self check out isle, she is extremely upset as they were doing it they said we don't want to do this but you used your Kroger card so there will be a record of it she said but I didn't use my card and they still did it.. They even tricked her into signing a resignation letter because they know the store policy on cashing your self out on your register is not the same as self scan...they gave her HUGGS TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER, what a f----king joke...

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  • Do
    Doug9000 Sep 01, 2011

    This is one reason why I left kroger now I know that when you work part time it can be from 20 hours or less the reason I left was because of medical and also because the hours were to close like one time I worked from 4:30pm-11:30pm then I had to be at work by 6:00am the next morning.

    @ irishmn69- They fired her just because she checked herself out at the self checkout line
    Thats missed up I checked myself out when I bought my lunch and my manger let me.

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  • Wo
    Wolves Jan 09, 2015

    I'm on suspension waiting for a second meeting termination likely. I mistakenly bought an energy drink on the clock. I don't even like energy drinks and only bought one to help make me a more efficient worker, I was up the night before helping someone through a hard time and when I was working I realized I was just about passing out. I wanted to get my work done so as not to be a nuisance. I messed up I know but I didn't fully understand the policy, even though I signed it. Everyone from employees to managers to union rep's & HR was on my side saying I did nothing wrong, so why am I still suspended I need to work!

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  • Ch
    Chrisb99 Sep 15, 2015

    Kroger terminated me for know reason I was going in my orientation the lady said she seen me at Wal-Mart working it's a lie I got my work shirt for to work on 9/16/15 he hung up on my job coach the supervisor got smart I'm getting treated bad I did everything the ask me to I have by polar they say a person that has any disability should not be put down I cry all night my number Is 14342215872

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  • Ch
    Chrisb99 Sep 15, 2015

    I been terminated for nothing I don't if it is my disability it need to be investigated my name is jermaine taylor Timberlake Kroger Lynchburg va the boss hung up on me and my job coach he was being unprofessional my number Is 14342215872

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  • Au
    Aurora Blue Oct 27, 2015

    A lot of these things that were done are illegal. It appears that you are young and do not know your rights. Knowledge is power. I wonder if after working f/t for over year that your benefits were about to change or you were do a raise or they wanted to hire someone at less pay. If you are not in the wrong never agree. Fight you had nothing to lose. Now you have blot on your work record .

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  • I1
    i1kroger0 Sep 08, 2018

    @Aurora Blue You are wrong. I am trying to fight. My attorney said I was "constructively terminated". That is when a company makes it difficult for you to stay at your job and after putting up with abuse for a period of time you finally quit. Their tactics include all forms of harassment, physical assault, not allowing medical leave, demotion instead of accommodating for a disability (even when they cause it). The union is ignored when they try to step in and I have an email which was sent to the Union telling them they will not fix it (this was after the third step in the grievance process). The Union V.P. told me this had never happened before but that they would not pursue it further. I have since learned that it does happen. This is the Union's way of saying, "Yes you worked hard, you've paid dues for 14 years but we are not going to uphold the contract or the Federal Law for you." The Human Resource person in my case posted on "Linked In" that one of her job accomplishments was in Union Avoidance. I thought the harassment would stop once I quit, but, after being followed constantly I took a picture of one of the men which had followed me constantly for 2 days and almost caused a wreck when I made a U-turn after I passed the Walmart store where I bank. My husband thought the physical and mental harassment had made me paranoid. And he is right, it has. However, this particular man does indeed work as a manager for Kroger Stores. My schedule is very predictable. I picked up my daughter, as usual, at 9:30pm at Catos and the man's large black truck was parked behind me in a parking lot which was almost empty as only Subway in this shopping area was still open. When we left the parking lot the truck followed us to Sprouts. I was trying to not be paranoid, maybe he needed to pick up something at Sprouts. He parked beside us, again in an almost empty parking lot as Sprouts closes at 10pm. He got out of the truck and followed me into the store talking loudly on his phone. He said he had just left Kroger and noticed she was picking up her daughter and then she went to Sprouts (but maybe he was not talking about me). The store is very small and I went to the back and picked up milk and turned to get the eggs and he was standing there watching me. The only thing in his hand was a phone however he was now talking in a normal voice and I could not here what was being said. There were only 1 or 2 other customers in the store and the cashier noticed the man because he was obviously following me, he wasn't trying to hide it, he was intimidating. She asked if I would like her to call a manager to walk me out. I said no but if she wouldn't mind I would like to take a picture of him. I went to the side aisle she saw him step into when I stepped up to the register. He was standing there, still talking on his phone, and facing the aisle but close enough to see the register. I took his picture in case any thing happened as I had seen on a public service commercial about staying safe for people not wanting to carry a weapon or gun. I found out later that he was a manager at Kroger when I was shopping one day at the frozen dinners on sale and he walked up to me and said, "Can I help you?" He had a Kroger name badge on. I said "No" then picked up what I wanted and left. I didn't want him to think he could intimidate me but it was difficult. You see I've lived in the same place for about 8 years. I live upstairs. This past winter it got cold enough to freeze, a rare thing in Texas. I leave the apartment at 9pm to pick up my daughter almost every night. It had rained a little earlier but the stairs were dry when I took her to work. I take our dog out, usually at 7 or 8 before I leave to pick up my daughter. It was dark but the stairs were fine (I keep salt for the stairs each winter in case of ice although it is rare that I have to use it. The landing was dry, the first two step were also dry. The next 3 steps were solid ice as were the rails attached to the steps. I tried to grab the rail as I fell but my hand slipped. I fell down the remaining 13 steps and stopped on the landing at the bottom which did not have ice on it either. My husband said it looked as if someone had poured cold water over the railing from the walkway. There was no ice on the opposite railing. I can't prove that one of the people from Krogers, such as the one in the black truck did this, but after intentionally being struck with a 30 pound box of candy and the motorized lift I don't doubt it. I would never suggest not fighting. But make sure you are ready for the fight. They are the 4th largest employer in the United States. They are not just grocery stores and sadly, they have the money to buy and sell most people. The Reverend Jessie Jackson, a leading civil rights activist, called for a boycott of Krogers Stores because of the closings this summer which hurt so many predominately black and elderly neighborhoods and then cancelled it. Leaving the people of these neighborhoods in what is now being called a "food desert". Did you have the Reverend's back? A Civil Rights Leader does not have the power to help any of us unless we stand with them. Kroger has now employed a huge law firm out of Houston, Texas which was founded by an amazing man, A. Martin Wickliff, Jr. And yes, this is the son of Aloysius Martin, Sr. If you are too young to know the name, Google him. The man was one of the leaders in the Civil Rights movement, working with politicians, students, and activists to make a better place to live. His son started the largest minority-owned law firm in Texas. He was awarded the first-ever Trailblazer Outside Counsel of the Year Award for his decades of work which promoted diversity. Now...he is the lead attorney on my case against Kroger. He sent a much younger attorney to take my deposition for the trial. I was told it could not last longer than 7 hours. He asked all kinds of questions, most which had nothing to do with the incident or the suit. It took almost an hour to get there through rush hour traffic and started at 9:30 am. Whether they asked for a break or they did, they always stopped the timer. I went straight home after the deposition. I was 7:30. I did not look at the clock when I left but I knew I had been at the The reason I'm suing...A Kroger manager refused to allow me 2 weeks off for my arm to heal after an incident at the store where I was working. I didn't cause the accident. One could say the store manager did because we only had two working manual straddle jacks and I was in the middle of pulling a pallet of candy to the floor when an angry vendor struck me with a box of candy. The store manager didn't want to lose his bonus so he refused to turn in the accident. He had a loud argument with our co-manager who told him he had to because "It is the right thing to do." The co-manager was soon transferred. The Human Resource Manager told the Store Manager and the Co-Manager to "Step Out of It". She said that she would handle it from there on. My manager laughed when I gave him the doctor's note stating that due to the fact I cannot have steroids, I would need time off to heal. The doctor told me and my Store Manager (in a phone call he made to the store manager when he would not approve my time off) that my arm should be fine as long as I did not use it for a few weeks and allowed it to heal naturally. I was then called at home by the Case worker at the Division office and told that I had to go back to work immediately and do everything the Store Manager asked or I would be fired and that if I was fired I would lose my health insurance benefits. I have Stage 4, Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Losing the job was not as important as losing the health care. Because I did what they said (the Case worker and my Store Manager) I now have lymphedema and will have to manage it for the rest of my life. The case is sound. I was later "invited" to a meeting that the Union gave for members concerning our medical coverage. I soon learned that almost everyone in the room had used the Kroger insurance to cover Cancer medical costs. They had people from Kroger there as well as some doctors and the President of the Union gave a speech on why the medical copays were being increased from $50 to $500 for an emergency room visit. They let us know that because of us the other associates would hardly be able to take their children to the doctors because our illnesses had used up a large amount of the money in the account. They also had a doctor let us know that we could have avoided using as much as we did if we had all been doing self exams and having yearly mammograms. We, therefore were the reason they had to agree with Kroger to increase the emergency room co-pays for all associates to $500 from the previous $50. This makes an associate who gets cancer very unpopular and even less likely to go to the doctor and confirm the suspicion they might have cancer. If you leave it long enough it can and probably will kill you and for a self-insured company like Kroger, that takes care of the problem without using the insurance funds. Don't forget that when they offer you a job they use that same insurance as an incentive. "Our pay may not be the best, but our insurance plan makes up for it." Until you have to use it. No one chooses cancer and 1 in three people in the United States gets it. Thankfully, my form of cancer is rare. Only 1 in 1.7 million are diagnosed with IBC each year. In 2012, there was only 1 clinic in the U.S. for IBC. It is at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. At this clinic an IBC patient in 2012 had a 15% chance of making it through the treatment. Of that 15% that made it through the treatment only 35% made it 2 years. They said if we made it 2 years without the cancer coming back then there was a 50% chance we would make the 5 year goal. They get close to 100 new IBC patients each year. My year I was told they had less than 100. I'm pretty good with percentages so I made a chart. On one side I had the "made its" on the other the "didn't make it". That meant June of 2013 I would be part of the 15 that made it or the 85 that didn't. In June of 2014 I checked the box with 4 patients still battling and June 2017 I threw the chart away. I had used the words patients and battling, made it and didn't make it because I couldn't think about it as people with families, hopes and dreams living or dying. For that matter I called it the big C instead of CANCER and IBC because Inflammatory Breast Cancer has the word Cancer in it. I don't know the names of the almost 98 diagnosed that year that "didn't make it" I was encouraged to stay off the internet and not read the blogs of others with IBC because as uplifting and helpful the blogs of people going through what I went through are, they all ended the same way. The brother or sister or son or daughter or in possibly the saddest one I read, the husband of the patient wrote the last entry stating that due to the death of their loved one there would be no more entries. But, at the moment it is September of 2018 and I AM ALIVE!

    The meeting, sanctioned by Kroger, with Kroger and Union and Doctors all present, to let us know we could have avoided spending the money set aside for our health care. The same company that used the insurance as an incentive for you to accept the job. They insinuated that we should have known we had cancer and caught it earlier. They even had the nerve to say that one particular associate used over $240, 000.00 for one procedure. So I stood up, because I am alive and I can still stand up. I let them know that the procedure was actually closer to $248, 000.00 and that IBC is an aggressive cancer which spreads rapidly and that most doctors, including mine, did not recognize it for what it was. They often treat it as a rash, my mammogram and biopsy came up as Stage 1 which is what most people have normally inside of them. Thankfully, I have a sister who called a friend to get me in immediately at MD Anderson to check it out. My Stage 1 turned to Stage 3 within the first week and spread to the thorax to become Stage 4 the third week. I asked how the doctor thought I could have prevented it and since this form of cancer is expensive to treat and attacks both male and female should I have chosen not to have treatment or should I have given up half way after going through hell to "make it".

    Texas did not strike with California in 2004 or 2005. We should have. We thought that it wouldn't happen here. We worked for a better company than Ralph's. Wake up, America. It's the same company. The same company that after Kroger lost the suit for their treatment of minorities in the North, had the top Southwest Division Manager, Bill Breetz write an apology letter to those minorities. If you haven't read it, you should. It was like a last ditch effort to put down the people who the courts said were right. Listen when leaders such as Reverend Jesse Jackson

    My attorney wants me to accept a settlement offer instead of taking it to court. I am so tired that there are times when I think that is what I should do. But, if I do that, then I help no one...They told me that most people with my form of cancer need to understand that when the doctor says that some people make it, They are not talking about me and that when They say not everyone loses their hair, that's not me and if They say not every one gets so sick with the treatment that they'd pay someone to kill them if they could just reach the phone, I'm not that one either. They said, You have IBC and you will lose your hair and you will get sick and there will be times when you will think death is a better option, but They were wrong about my survival, at least for now. I AM ALIVE... for now. And, God willing, I will make a difference in how this company treats people, those with disabilities caused by illness, birth or accidents because when They say some people can help others who cannot help themselves, They are talking about me. My disability is not cancer it is lymphedema which was caused by Kroger management. I wouldn't have it if I didn't have the operations needed to remove my lymph nodes in my left arm. I also would not have it if the manager had listened to my doctor and the case worker not threatened me with losing my health insurance benefits. But now that I do have it, I expect this company to do the right thing. And I recognize that with all of my evidence instead of doing the right thing, they have done everything they can to make me disappear. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for someone who is treated badly and doesn't have the medical proof on there side.
    For now I can stand up. If I accept a settlement and do not let others know what the company knowingly put me through then I have helped no one but my attorney. And to be honest going up against the 500+ lawyer firm they recently hired is probably not something a 2 attorney firm wants so I doubt this is doing anything for him but causing stress. He even told me that winning a federal case in Ft. Worth, Texas is impossible. He believes the judge will throw out the evidence because he said in Ft. Worth the judges side with the businesses, he doubts a jury will be allowed to listen to the recordings of the Human Resource Manager stating that I am being demoted due to cancer complications and that Krogers is not willing to make any accommodations for the disability which I now have. By the way, the only accommodation I needed was someone to unload the truck onto about 4 carts. 15 minutes twice a week. 3 times a week if they put me in a big store. I was hired because of my management ability and placed in the district store for 4 years and in their Confirmation store until I requested to be moved to a smaller store. At no time was I required to unload the truck although I did it sometimes. They wrote a new list of job specifications after my lymphedema was diagnosed and I had started seeing a special therapist trained in reducing the swelling without surgery which included my inability to lift the totes from the truck although it did not impair my speed and ability to stock. I know I may not win. My attorney does not want to take it to court in Ft. Worth against Kroger because while he thinks I have a good case, once the judge throws out the evidence it will be he said, she said and he does not believe a Federal judge will allow a jury to hear any of it. He may be right. But if I don't stand up against them, who will. My doctors assure me that my IBC will win because it always does. So the power they have over most who go up against them doesn't mean much to me. They can't kill me, the cancer has already done that. Even if I win, I'll never live long enough to see any of the money, I doubt the courts can make them pay for years if ever due to appeals. Hopefully, a fund can be set up which Kroger cannot touch so that Kroger associates can file a class action for the mistreatment of the disabled at Krogers. And it is my dream that the government look into cases where associates are demoted due to disability. Texas is a Right To Work State not a Right To Abuse The Worker State.

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  • Tr
    Tranquilityy Jan 26, 2016

    I got fired a couple days before my 60 days. They knew if they waited to give me a 60 day evaluation that I would have the union on my side. But instead, at 55 days, they gave me a 30 day evaluation and fired me for attendance. I only missed two days of work, which I have two doctors notes for, they were also spaced out, weeks apart. I found out I was pregnant and I had to go to the ER for IV because I was completely dehydrated from puking 24/7. I went to work and puked 4 times in 5 hours. When I arrived at work, the start of a new week, a man pulled me to his office, with a witness. He said that my boss, Peggy, thought I was hard working, great to work with, and very nice, but she has decided no to continue my employment because of attendance. I told them that I had doctors notes for each days, but that doesn't matter, I guess. We have people who have called off over 10 times in the 55 days I've worked there. And they've recorded multiple warnings, and I did not. I was not even aware anything bad was happening because my bossss, Peggy and Anita said they loved working with me, and that they wish they could clone me to have multiples working. I worked in the Deli/backery and it is the hardest place to work, not because of the work, but mostly because of the horrible people that work there. I never said anything bad about anyone and I certainly don't think I deserved to be fired with this reason. They said not only was it my attendance, but I was taking 30 minute breaks on my 15, and they had the paper of punch outs to prove it. But they wouldn't let me see it. I never took longer on my breaks, I think they were trying to find something to fire me for before I got the union on my side. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Te
    tech03 May 28, 2018

    @Tranquilityy Go to legal aid

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  • El
    Elaine78 Apr 06, 2016

    Employment was recently ended..But I wasn't aware until March..Here's the thing.In September I had to take time off due to change in my kids daycare..When I went to hr to inform them, she asked the time frame, originally it was just suppose to be a few weeks.I was then told that I didn't have to formally put in a Leave of Absence as long as I communicated the issue with my department manager..And if I needed more time I could then use my vacation time or submit my LOA..I talked with both my dept. manager as well as Asst. dept in my dept..this was all understood, so I thought. A month had passed, so I went in to speak with my manager and to inform her I would be out longer if I continued on day shift, (my original shift was 9-3) I let her know I could be available some evenings and weekends. And to call if someone didn't come in for their evening shift, and I would take it, if need be.She said ok cool, I did work on days my older kids were out of school and some weekends..She would text me to see if I wanted her to put me on the schedule for that week, and I would inform her yes or no, depending on the problem..I would also check the schedule online..for the most part, I wasn't scheduled, fine..because I knew we had already talked and I may not have been scheuled, I worked in November 17, 2015, no problem..checked the schedule for the following week, nothing, schedule was available "in store" on Friday after 2..but wasn't available online Saturday til after 1 or 2 pm..When I did check it, the system was down..I checked again and wasn't scheduled..So time still went on, I often went in the store to speak with my manager..everything seemed fine...until, March of this year..I noticed that my discount wasn't showing, several times, but all up until then, I was still receiving my discount as well as able to access the employee website, which the website is only "active" employees...All until when I tried to apply for unemployment, was denied..their reason, "I abandoned my job, and missed two days In November..after the days that I actually worked..thing is, I wasn't aware that I was scheduled because when I checked online, no schedule was posted for me...Then I had to have an evaluation call with unemployment service and Kroger on a three way call.. The people representing Kroger were people I don't know, nor worked with..they were new hr people..So they said, the had a spoke with my manager and she said she talked with me about my attendance and I (supposedly) I assured her I would be there for my scheduled shifts from now on, , however, that conversation has never, never, never happened between the manager and myself, ..for one, cause I was at work when I was suppose now, ironically, I haven't been able to contact her(dept. manager)...So now it's as if, I was a no call/no show... But I wasn't...I'm in the process now of trying to clear this all up as well as my name..because none of that wasn't true...I have been with Kroger for over a year, and would never just "not show up"..Never...For one, I know how busy the deli dept. can be...I've tried to contact someone in corporate because this is definitely not fair.

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    Ashapee May 23, 2016

    A few weeks ago i was suspended pending termination. I worked in the bakery department and was really sick (super dizzy to the point of getting nauseous) so i told my department head that i needed to leave. I had all of my work done and there were two other people working. My department head told me to okay it with a store manager. I searched the store, the office, outside the store, and paged her. She was no where to be found. So i told my department head that i couldnt find her and i couldnt wait any longer to leave, and then i left. So my store manager claims i walked off the job. After she "fired" me, i called the union. My store manager refused to have a meeting with the union rep and i. She also told the union rep that i should have gotten the store manager that was on duty's cell number from the customer service desk. Why the heck would i have thought to get her number? I feel like that's kind of crossing a line. All of this is absolutely ridiculous since i left exactly one hour early... complete ludacris. I had my meeting with HR a couple weeks ago and still haven't heard anything...

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  • Hi
    Hilde Schbeiker Oct 24, 2016

    I worked at Kroger a few years ago for just under one month. Why was I there one month? They fired me of course! Why was I fired? Good question. I'd like to know too. I was a floral clerk. My job was to guard and water flowers until someone came rolling into my fence. I loved it! For the most part, I was completely alone. I really loved the job and felt I had found the perfect opportunity. I was even a recommended hire by one of their employees that had been there forever! But one day they called me into the office. They asked me if I thought I was doing well at the store. What a weird question right? I was given no verbal warning. No written notice. No heads up at all. They fired me right then and there because "customers said you weren't smiling enough ". What the actual heck, Kroger?

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