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Reviews and Complaints

Steak 'n Shakeservice

Please provide this location with more emplyees. Went inside and was told that they only had one person cooking and one waitress. She said it would take at least an hour to get served. Decided to go next door to Olive Garden and 45 mins after I was done eating and I decided to go back to Steak and Shake drive thru for some shakes. It took 42 mins to finally get my shakes!

  • Um is not an answer! Dec 31, 2019

    People have to accept jobs at that place. They also have to have access to the place. If they can't get there they won't work there but should they.

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Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesdrive thru

The wait time at steak n shake was unacceptable. I waited in drive thru for over 35 minutes. Service was extremely slow on 4/6. This is unacceptable service!! Lastly the workers was giving out incorrect orders. Absolutely no organization. I have never had an experience like this from steak n shake. I'm upset at myself for waiting such a long period of time for drive thru food.