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I just drove an hour down to the airport to drop of a friend and feeling a little tired. I pull into racetrac to get some iced coffee some food and some other items so I could wake up. I have not been here 10 minutes when some security guard that obviously has nothing better to do - decides to knock on my window to tell me I gotta go.? Really I just paid 10.00 for some items at racetrac and was just about to go get some gas when I finished my food and this woman security guard with some kind of need for power wants to tell me to get out gotta go. Can't park here? So if I go have a car accident because I'm really tired will it be her fault for making me leave? Racetrac? I'm trying to do the right thing by getting some caffeine in me and she is forcing me out. Well I want you to know I will never buy anything ever again at a racetrac and I will tell everyone i know how i was treated and i will tell them to tell their friends as well. You dont want me to spend my money with you then I will make sure we dont! You should fire that se purity guard. She was working g at 1:35am on 10/10/19 long dreads sitting down at the benches now on her phone e now that she has told me- the only white person sitting in their car eating. . I'm just amazed she came to know on my window

. Really??.. I'm not some loitering homeless person begging but I guess that's what she wanted me to feel like. Thanks racetrac you ready screwed this up. If this is the response you wanted I will post it to my social media and tag you.

Rick Glogg

  • SubSquirrel Oct 10, 2019

    They obviously don’t want people hanging around the store.

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