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Dollar GeneralKeeping products behind closed doors for their friends

The store I am referring to is located at 650 Tamiami Tr Venice, Fl 34285. I was walking past the store and a man came walking out of the Dollar General with a large bottle of isopropyl alcohol (not in a bag). I made a comment to my friend "wow let's go in I need some". I asked the man if they had more and he hmmm and hawed and said oh my yes it's in the back room but no. He seemed perplexed and caught off guard that he just got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to do. With his actions and attitude, I started to walk in the door and he said well shoot I guess I will have to go in and fess up and tell them I what happened. We walked up to 2 women that were stocking shelves (apparently they were the ones who gave or sold it to him) and he said "sorry if I had it in a bag she wouldn't have seen it". I asked where the alcohol was and she said we don't have any. He said back room and she raised her voice and said " there is none, we don't have any". I said "how convenient are you keeping this behind closed doors for your friends"? She told me there was none left and to leave the store if I was going to raise my voice. I have been there several times at 8 am when the store opens, and 5 pm after work and there is no necessity products on the shelves. I asked an employee when the trucks come in and she said they have not received a truck shipment in 2 weeks. In this time of need are your employees supposed to be doing this sort of thing? I will post this on a Venice website to make the local consumers aware, and will never shop at another Dollar General again if this is your practice.

  • Zachary2001 Mar 26, 2020

    Your only solution is to sleep with the manager. He or she may just give you a whole truckful.

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