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Circle Kservice

Tonight I went into the local circle k 2726502 in green cove springs Florida that I've been going to just about every day since I moved here in 1994 as a kid. Some days I go multiple times a day. It's at the end of my road and I usually have a wonderful and easy time while there. That was until tonight. I walked in and said hello to both ladies working. I've been in the store many times with the same two ladies and they have always been so nice and welcoming. Tonight I'm not sure what happened prior to my coming in but they both were extremely rude and unwelcoming to say the least. I went to get boiled peanuts as I've done many times before and doubled the cup as I've always done. One of the workers came up and very rudely said " we are going to charge you for two of those" saying I would be charged full price for an empty cup. Never have I've been charged almost $4 for an empty styrofoam cup. I didn't and have never expected to get the cup for free. But to pay full price of peanuts for an empty cup is not acceptable so I put it back down and said ok. As I went to the register the cashier Janet Stahlnecker(as listed on receipt )came up scanned my stuff and started saying "now we have to throw that cup away, people always expect things for free or come on short changed".. then asked if I'm paying debit or credit. I was paying with EBT and she then made a remark about "of course" and proceeded to say " boiled peanuts aren't accepted with EBT" even tho I've never had issues with it accepting it prior. It went through and she then said " it's not supposed to go through" like I had done something wrong for using my EBT card to buy usually the only hot dinner I'm about to eat on my way home. I've have bought these same items from this same cashier with no issues. No smart remarks or poor attitude. Tonight I can't say that anymore. I was treated terrible for a reason I'm unaware of. I was treated like a low life trying to steal or take advantage and then looked down on and made to feel worse because of my payment method. I told her I wasn't sure what had happened or why she was in a bad mood but I'd be contacting her bosses and her remark was "go ahead, lady, there's no point" as she laughed at me. I'm assuming she's a manager and can treat people poorly due to that. This store has been my store since I was a child. I'm 31. I have made friendships with cashiers at this store over the years. It's my daily stop wether it's for a polar pop or gallon of milk. There is a convenience store across the street that is just as easy to go to but I've always just went to circle K. Unfortunately, after tonight, I can't say I'll return during night shift or even at all. I'm extremely disappointed in the treatment I received tonight for no reason at all. I'm a good person and have always treated everyone there with respect. The day shift ladies and I know one another by name. We chat about our families and a little town gossip. I've loved this store till tonight. I'm still in shock. I really do hope this treatment isn't a continuous thing and I hope no other customers get treated in the minor I was tonight. Thank you, Debrann Meeks