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Banfield The Pet Hospitalmy cat's bill

I brought my cat in for a follow-up visit, which I was told would be at no charge, like every other follow-up visit I've had for the past 4 years from them. My cat checked out ok and the vet and I had a discussion about refilling meds and I told her I was broke until the beginning of next month. She was fine with that. Upon leaving I was told by one of the vet techs or whoever manages the front desk, that I owed $36.00 for the visit. I asked for what and she said an "office evaluation" (whatever that is) and I said I had no money, I never authorized this service, it was never discussed and I'm not paying it. Then she said if I didn't pay it by the end of the day it would go to collections. I was furious!! Do they think they can charge whatever they want, for services that have not been approved by the pet's owner and then threaten them to pay for it or it goes to collections?!!!

I have filed a complaint with Banfield and the Better Business Bureau. I don't know the outcome of this yet, but it better be in my favor. Its just logical and Banfield needs to take some classes in customer service. I was always under the impression that the customer was always right and that this shouldn't have happened in the first place.

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    WestCoastLover Jul 26, 2012

    Rather than burning bridges with a vet that is willing to cut you some slack with bills when you are low on cash, why not bypass the office staff and ask to speak to the vet directly first?

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