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Carl's Jr.scram through the drive through

We are writing just to let others know:

Recently, we had the worse experience ever after visiting this local fast food chain we frequently visit @ 1790 University Drive, Vista, CA [protected] (which is owed privately ---25+fast food chain) .For the past year we enjoyed go to this Carl’s Jr. (Fast Food Chain). This chain is the closest one to our home & it is the most convenient for our family.
They are always, always making simple mistake with our orders through the drive thru. Our order is always the same and it’s a very simple request on all (Burgers or Fish Sandwich(s), we request “NO CHEESE” Please) How easy is that? “NO CHEESE”, Please…on anything we order.
We hate the idea of any type of conflict: for the thought or nightmare of them doing something to our food. We are extremely patience, and respectfully requesting the employee to correct the simple mistake.
However, we recently learned from our experience that this is all part of an act!!!
We learned that their employees do keep your ATM/BANK Card. So Please BE WARE!
(Think about it for a moment: Their staff is a high turn over of employees/language difficultly to understand/, they incorporate a lot of confusion through the drive thru, etc…)

Neverless, after visiting this private owed 25+ fast food chain, and noticed that they "DID NOT" return our Debit Card. We within the HOUR contacted & confronted the number posted
[protected]-STAR called “UPPER MANAGEMENT”

We had to make nurmerous calls to this number before they finally called back. They claimed that they reviewed their cameras, & stated that “MY” ATM was given & return to me. They told me I probably mistakenly, “Threw my card away”, or maybe “Even Drop It Somewhere?” Which I know for a fact I never did any of the above. Within the hour I had to go to my nearest bank & make the necessary cancellation.
In essence, this was an extremely inconvenience for me. Also, my family is in law enforcement and I have been told that this is the first step towards Identy Theft-Fraud. I am sharing my story so no- others have to be inconvience. “The Drive Through" is when one is the most variable.
PS. Our family never worked at a fast food chain, and we do not gain any intrest in regards to our experience. Thank you for sharing our story. Be Sure to Get Your Bank Card Back!

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    • Yv
      yvonne85 Sep 10, 2010

      My name is yvonne and I totally agree with your comment. I just recently had a very aggravating experience with carl's jr. myself, here in el centro ca located on adams ave and imperial 1498 adams ave. el centro ca 92243 to be exact. yesterday (9/9/2010 about 9:29 pm) evening after I got my payroll check from work I went straight to the bank to cash it, I requested the teller to give me nothing but $20 dollar bills went I cashed my check.

      After a long day at work all I wanted to do was go to carl's jr. buy my family and I dinner so I can go home, eat and rest. keeping in mind that like I said I know for a fact that I had nothing other than $20 dollar bills inside of my wallet!!! I placed an order at the drive thru cashiers name priscilla; I ordered 5 piece chicken strips and an order of super nachos, my order came to a total of $9.71, when it came for me to pay the cashier, again as I said before I pulled out a $20. oo dollar bill to pay for my order, soon after the cashier gave me my change back I notice she only returned.29 cents back like if I had payed with a $10 dollar bill instead of a $20 dollar. I automatically called this mistake to her attention and told her "excuse me but I gave you a $20 dollar bill and you only returned 29 cents back" with a confused look on her face she asked me "oh you gave me a twenty dollar bill? let me get my manager. I thought to myself"hello don't you ever pay attention to the amount of money you are receiving from customers and what they pay you?!!"

      This point she gets her manager (jorge, which was a bigger [censor] than the cashier herself) the manager was counting her cashier register and he states that all the money in the cashier adds up with the amount in the register was even and equal to the amount that they been collected and that it was correct (he stated that the computer had register a balance sale for the amount of $524. dollars and when he counted the money in cash he came up to an amount of $525. and some change. I have been a manager of a dental office for a very long time and I work with money all the time and I never close my end of day sheet with more money in the register than the amount on my computer, sometime I come up a couple cents less or exact money but never more, what I don't understand is how they came up with more cash than what they are registering on the computer how is this possible??? are they not paying attention to the money they return to customers how many people besides me have they ripped off?!!!

      By this point I was so aggravated and smoking pissed off, I decided to cancel my order and I just wanted a refund for my money. I was so upset now not just because of the horrible customer service but by the justice not being found. I started doing the math on my head and I came up with the conclusion that the only way my $20 dollar bill magically dissapeared and made the cashier register balance correctly had to be that before I placed and order the incompetent cashier must have given a wrong amount of change back to another customer before me or forgot to charge for something and which automatically made her register $9.00 dollars short before I even got there, and when I placed my order and gave her my $20 dollar bill her register even out to balance.

      They kept telling me that there was no proof that I had payed with a $20 dollar bill because if that was in fact true they would be exactly ten dollars over. I asked for my money back and they said they couldn't do that. by the end off the night I left carl's jr. unsatisfied, aggravated, with no food and no money whats so ever back. I been robbed $20 dollars and the only thing they said they could do is give me the upper management 1877- star number and hope that they resolve the problem for me. I called this number spoke to an operator explain to her the situation (teresa) and now I am waiting for them to call me back with a solution. my advise to other people is to completely avoid going to that carl's jr. seems to me that the employee's there have no idea what they are doing and the place is being run by a [censor] of a manager which has no idea how to manage a business or even offer customer satisfaction.

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