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Family Dollarexchange/refund policy

On today, 01-21-1981, at 12:27pm I purchased a 3 pack charger cord for $7.50. went outside opened it realized it was the wrong charger for me. Immediately turned around and went back in and said I got the wrong cords. I was told I couldn't exchange to them because they are electronic. I called corporate and while on hold I was informed that everything in the store could be exchanged within 30 days. It says it on the website as well. When I spoke to Quay at corporate at approximately 12:32 pm he says the policy is not to accept electronics back but the Mana er could use her own discretion. I call the store, while still in the parking lot and relay what Quay has told me. She basically said I was lying- which further upset me. And told me she wasn't going out of policy because it was open. No one ever looked at the box. But, I had opened it but you can't tell. I have pictures. I thoroughly and completely upset and if this problem is not solved. I will make sure that everyone I come in contact with never shops with this company again, and bring that I am in City Government, thats a lot of people. This is the first time I've visited this particular Family Dollar, but I am a regular visitor of the Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores.

exchange/refund policy
exchange/refund policy
exchange/refund policy

  • Zachary2001 Jan 21, 2020

    Let me guess. You were born in 1981? You are used to filling out form with 1981 as year of birth. If not and if you are a time traveler I must say $7.50 for charger cord in 1981 is pretty expensive. Especially since they were not invented yet.

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