Americas Best Value Inn

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Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Innthe room

No blankets. No heat control in my room. Blood stains on the chair and a broken office chair. As soon as I walked into the room an overwhelming smell of cigarettes filled the room . There were no blankets on either bed and was cold all night. I went and complained and talked to the manager they told me did I call the front desk? Nooo... I checked in at 1am I was expecting to have a decent room for what I paid. I was told that I because i booked with booking .com i couldn't do anything. It was absolutely disgusting and the manager just looked at us like "to bad so sad" horrible experience . Want a resolution now

Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Inncancellation refund request

I cancelled a reservation I had made for this hotel through booking. com and my cancellation was not forwarded to the hotel. The arival date was August 8, 2019. The cancellation was made the around the end of July. I am now being charged as a no show to the tune of $245.55. There was no indication that I needed to cancel with the hotel. The booking service has not been helpful to say the least. There was either a computeror humand error. When I went into my account to cancel it responded that the cancel was done. It does not show in my past bookings account that I even made this reservation. I have had a conversation with the general manager and she said she could not issue a refund because of the 20% commission paid to I would like to recieve a refund. Needless to say I will not use that service again.

Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Innleft hotel after intruder broke in; manager refuses to issue refund

I made my hotel reservation through At 10:40 pm on Friday, July 5th, 2019 my family and I checked into our 2 reserved hotel rooms at the Anchorage, Alaska America's Best Value Inn. At 1:40 am I awoke to an intruder standing in our room looking at me. I hollered "What are you doing?" and he ran out of the door. My husband pursued and caught up with him at the base of the stairs but then decided to let him go not knowing if the intruder was armed or had fellow criminals waiting. In the meantime, I tried to call 911 in the hotel room but got no dial tone. I noticed that the window to the room was jimmied open and the intruder left his tennis shoes on the chair, sunglasses on the table and sweatshirt on the floor by the chair. We immediately packed up our kids from the 2nd room and went to the lobby to check out. The night clerk (Audrey) said she would have security check our room and do a security check of the property. She spoke to someone while I was standing at the desk and told them to do a security check. I asked for a refund and was told that would need to facilitate the refund process. She did give me a business card with her name on the back, so she was well aware that I was asking for a refund. I have gone through and even provided a photo of the intruders' belongings that were left behind. Whoever cleaned the room would've had to discard the clothing as I left it laying exactly where I found it. The hotel manager is now saying that I can't prove there was an intruder even though the night manager and security guard were aware of the situation. We were only at the hotel for 2 hours before the incident and chose to spend the rest of the night in safety at the airport. I believe that I am due compensation for the cost of the hotel rooms.
I've attached the picture we took of the intruders clothing items.
Sheri Hatten
Booking. com confirmation #[protected]

left hotel after intruder broke in; manager refuses to issue refund