University of Mumbaiunethical behaviour

H Aug 11, 2018

Ideal institute of architecture wada . There are no authenticable professors most of them are from rajasthan university with no valid degrees. There is lot of internal marking scams. Also facilities like AV Room/ library (books are not available) when the fee structure is in lakhs and no facilities are given.when there is COA inspection they get temporary professors and books and students are told to keep shut or threatened by KT's . There are no proper quotation given when they ask for money for any events. Professors with out masters degree are taking design dissertation lot of mental harassment and threats are faced by other professors and students . Also they don't follow Mumbai university pattern and make us give mid terms exam( which are marked). Junior prof. are sent to NASA when they dont even help students in NASA preparation and who genuinely help are not even considered in discussion by college head of department (invalid masters degree) also having not acceptable relations with ladies. There is no proper architecture building other activities like CBSE school keeps working on ground floor .They do not accept cheque and demand only cash while paying fees. Toilets are in worst conditions. Building have leakage problems/ no fire safety / and when university comes on round they bribe them .(not going to disclose identity hope privacy is maintained)

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