Universal Gas & ElectricScam on consumer protection!


I signed a contract with Universal Gas & Electric with the understanding that I would be protected from future gas increases not to exceed $1.049/Ccf. Their representative lead us to believe we would continue paying the same rates through Consumers Power Utility not to exceed the capped rate. That was not the case they started charging us $1.04 per ccf in our 1st. billing cycle. We are pay a difference of .30 more with Universal., where is the saving? I am interested in join a class action suit, please let me who to join with file this lawsuit against this Universal Gas & Electric Big Scam


  • Ro
    RoseAnne Edging Feb 20, 2008

    I have the exact same situation. I was paying 77cents and I am now paying $1.04. I am paying an average of $100 more a month since I made the mistake of signing up with them.

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  • Da
    Dan Feb 20, 2008

    I am such an idiot, BUT! he LIED to me and pressured me "everyone in your area is signing up, better do it now because Consumers Energy rate will be over 1.06 on jan 1, 2008", WHAT A FRICK'IN LIE!!! I am paying 30% more now! I plan to cancel ASAP. I figured I would spend $250 in "extra's" by Sept of 2008, so canceling now is the right thing to do. I will add my name to the class action law suit in a heartbeat!

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  • Ma
    Mark Feb 21, 2008

    I can't believe I signed up for this scam either. I was told my rates would get adjusted downward if consumers rate was lower than Universal's fixed rate. Yeah right! I've been overpaying for my gas all winter and want out of the plan, but now will have to pay $250 to cancel, which also wasn't disclosed. I may have noticed this fee if the rep hadn't conveniently run out of brochures. I feel like I was manipulated into joining and would also like see some action taken against this company.

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  • Su
    Susy Sanders Feb 21, 2008

    Woww!!! Watch this VIDEO ... someone is looking out for you all...who have been taken...I'm truly sorry to read some of your stories and hope this will help others.


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  • Ma
    Maria York Feb 22, 2008

    They have taken advantage of me also, i will join anyone who will take action against them, i am contacting lawyers now to take action myself if i do not hear of anyone else currently doing so!

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  • El
    Elizabeth Verville Feb 22, 2008

    Wow, you all have said it. I was lied to and pressured into agreeing only, my husband is the Consumers account holder and he wasn't home, when Universal pulled their crap. I told them they needed my husbands OK to go ahead. At the end of the conversation they wrote down to call him at a specific time as they didn't have authorization to put the order in. They never called so we assumed ( worst thing to do) that it just wasn't gonna change. Surprise!! We didn't realize it until a month had passed but they filled in his information and went ahead with it. We aren't sure who we should nail first...Universal or Consumers for allowing it! We are paying over $100 more per month than normal. Its eating us up and coming up with that extra $250 right now, is tough. I thought there was a class action suit getting started but can't find info on it. If anyone knows anything about this, please share!
    Thanks.... I think we should start one and gather as many people as possible. Email me if you have any suggestions.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Mar 03, 2008

    I would like to join a lawsuit myself. In the meantime I recommend that each of you file a complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission who has just launched an investigation. http://efile.mpsc.cis.state.mi.us/efile/docs/15509/0002.pdf

    MPSC [email protected]
    PO box 30221 lansing Mi 48909

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  • Sh
    Shelly Mar 04, 2008

    I was scammed also and all they could tell me was to cancel it costs 250.00 and i would have to contact by us mail this is person lied to get me to sign up we should all have a class action law suit agent this company --- grr im so mad at myself never trust someone that goes door to door.

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  • Jm
    J M Mar 05, 2008

    These guys are liars and slobs. I worked for them when they first started in MI. in 2006. 3 months of lies. I was one of their top guys on path for management. That was a lie also. They are cattle call company. Getting as many people through the door as possible because no one lasts more than a few months. The pay you pennies and lies about their business. They have people crossing the Canadian border both ways to work illegally. They have stupid script " I am Joe blow form Universal Gas and Electric. I'm here to see if your business "qualifies" for price protection on your natural gas bill. This program is only for businesses (or residences) and I need to see your gas bill to tell you if you "qualify".

    If someone asks a question the answer is always "I just need to see your gas bill".

    They are scammers out of Toronto and I know who is running the show in MI. Two hammy sales people. One big dope who sniffles allot and a little midget with red eye. They are really careful about lying but go right to the edge. I feel sorry for the sales people who are just looking for a break and the two sh*t heads are taking them to the cleaners along with the consumer. I had everything rolling on a class action lwas suit but had to focus on getting a job.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Verville Mar 07, 2008

    Hi. I am having the same problem all of you have with this company. Seems like they lied and took money from all of us. We tried to contact them and they fed us a line of bull so I'm trying to get everyone who is interested, into a class action lawsuit. I'm going on a risky limb here but please email me directly at [email protected] so I can start gathering everyones input and contact info.
    Not to worry, I'm just a stay at home mom of 3 boys and my husband works too hard for his money to be going to these people. We are paying $70-$100 per month more than we should!!
    Thanks Ü Elizabeth

    I have emailed this exact thing to all of you individually...please reply.We need to gather everyone together for this... unity... LOL

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  • St
    stewart ryan Mar 09, 2008

    I to signed up for this service with the understanding that my monthly gas bill would be lower than my present gas provider and was shown a pamhelet showing a lower rate, by the guy representing Universal Gas and Electric. I am a 73 year old retiree and had the representitives selling this service explained the cancellation procedures properly, and explained the excessive cost involved both in the rates and cancellation fees, I would have declined the use of Universal for my gas service. I was lied to and mislead on the supposedly lower service they said they could provide. I recently paid a $400 gas bill for service to my home for one month, this is the highest bill we have EVER received to heat our home in 43 years living at our home. We are prepared to join in the class action suit against this company who should never had been approved to provide gas service in the State of Michigan.

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  • Pa
    patricia phenicie Mar 14, 2008

    My husband signed the contract, the young man stated he was representing our mobile home park through the gas company. We just moved here and have extra expenses but I plan to pay the $250 fraus payment before fall. I have filed a complaint and have called this scam company many times. I do not understand how they can get away with fraud.

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  • Je
    jerry Mar 15, 2008

    I was completely lied to by a door to door salesman, he approached me by walking to my garage in my back yard and asked me what I was paying for my natural gas. I replied and said "about $50 to $70.00 a month" then he asked "if I heard of how the price was going to sky-rocket by next fall with a 75% to 100% increase in small amounts all summer long....due to the greed of the corporations .... just like the auto gas prices ...." and I said yeah? his reply was "I can lock your rate you have right now for five years" I asked how? he replied he was from a group of people that purchased large amounts of natural gas when the prices were very low and are selling it now at the same prices your paying now." guaranteed for five years.
    I travel with work, my room mate paid the bill and the following month when I got home I seen next months bill and my gas price has doubled!! When I contacted DTE (who bills me) they said that it was my gas supplier's cost!!!! Universal Gas and Electric Corp. I said cancel that and DTE said they could not, contact Universal Gas and Electric and gave me their phone number.
    when I contacted them they said I signed a contract and the gas was already purchased for me and I have to pay for it??
    or send them $250.00 cancellation fee??
    Aren't these people regulated?
    He also lied about where they were from, he said up-north where they get the inexpensive gas... when I called they said they we're from Canada??
    I won’t be able to afford this very much longer is there any way to change back to DTE?
    I feel like a fool for falling for this.

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  • Da
    Darlene Johnson May 01, 2008

    This company is full of bull, there out here going door to door misleading consumers who only want to lower their bills not make them increase. When i noticed i was being scammed, i placed a call to Universal Gas & Electric, however the sales rep. told me there would be a $250 cancellation fee, which was never mentioned during the time i signed up. To me thats false advertising, also they never mentioned the $50 distribution charge on top of my existing bill, as result of me signing this stupid contract my gas has been shut off twice this year, which has never happen before. I would love to be part of the class action law suit against these rip off people. I would advise anyone who see's a rep. from Universal at the door to call the police or slam the door in their face.

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  • Jm
    jmthering Jul 18, 2008

    I don't feel so alone or so stupid now. I'm registering my complaint now how do I get in on a class action suit? God help us all!!

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  • Ma
    markgullible Aug 10, 2009

    Yup we MUST take these guys to court. They have just turned my account to a collection agency after I moved and didn't have a house to continue their services with. They are charging me a 600.00 discontinuation fee AFTER they agreed to hold off until I had my next house. Of course they were charging extra above the power company all along. So..where do we sign and sue?

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  • Br
    breezy point Jul 04, 2010

    Hello, same thing with this company! I own a small business in the U.P. and was stupid enough to let the salesman keep talking. My rate was set at 1.14 ccf because he assured that prices were going to skyrocket! I asked him what if prices go down? He said that the rate would be adjusted to the lower rate. I thought great! Can't go wrong! Right. After rates dropped to .74 ccf i tried to change back to the previous company. Universal called and said a cancelation of their contract would result in paying the remainder of the 4 years left at 2500.00 dollars. When I talked to them, I asked about the salesman saying they would adjust their rate if everyones rate dropped, and they said they cannot honor anything the salesman said, and they do not adjust the rate. When I switched the other day, Universal called again, stating the cancelation fee will be expected to be paid. I asked about to rate price gouging their doing, know they say if you call in once a year, they will adjust their price, sure they will! They owe us all alot of money back. I'm so sick of these scammers taking hard working people to the cleaners, bunch of good for nothing, lazy, mothers! Get real jobs!!!

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  • Cy
    cynz Oct 09, 2010

    Well, all I can say is we've been had. What UG&E told me was a price of 1.04 per CCF. The bill comes and that's what it is. But when you multiply that by MCF (10x), it comes out to 10.49, so I'm paying this HUGE BILL just to have some other company give me what I already was getting but just at a MUCH HIGHER rate! I hear there's a class action lawsuit against them. I'd like to join that! I was only made aware of it yesterday when a representative from Direct Energy stopped by to try to get me to switch to them for 6.40 MCF. With Direct Energy there is NO CANCELLATION charge at any time, according to the rep. When I called Attorney Genral Mike Cox's office some months ago, I was told there was nothing I could do, I was locked into a 5 year contract with them when I tried to call UG&E to cancel. Well, now maybe there is something we can all do. By the way, the phone number for Attorney General Mike Cox is (517) 373-1110 and his email address is [email protected] Might be worth a conversation again.

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  • Bl
    blackmore Jan 08, 2011

    i to agree i had contract with universal gas and as of today i recicved aletter from collectcorp on behave of universal, saying i own, this was the first letter nothing from unversal telling me i owe them. they also lead me to believe i was saving. i talk to my gas company and ask question, and that is where i found out about the lawsuit. and that the contract i signed [well how do i join the lawsuit???] i agree with everyone else.

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  • Bl
    blackmore Jan 08, 2011

    all the above is the same that happen to me hell i was on the phone and the salesman kept talking to me and i to thought i was getting a good deal, i even told the man i hope i can trust you not to rip me off . and another thing my contract was to be only a year, and its now been 41/2 years. please i want to join the lawsuit.

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