United HealthCare Servicescoverage ms infusion

M Aug 09, 2019

I receive Ocrevus infusions twice a year for MS. United Healthcare is making it impossible for me to receive my treatment. Right before my last infusion at an MS center they said they would no longer cover infusions done at the center. This caused my infusion to be late. I received the next infusion at home by a home health care nurse. It was a complete disaster, no protocol followed, infusion was done incorrectly. I will never again allow a home healthcare nurse in my home. My infusion is due now, for the past month I've been dealing with UHC issues again. Infusion centers in my area do not accept the pharmacy UHC requires to supply meds.So, once again, my infusion will be late at best. How is it that they can override physicians and put lives in danger. This is so wrong! I am a paying customer and have been for over 32 years. What gives UHC the right to mess up my treatment and cause me unnecessary pain ?? I'm filing complaints wherever I can. They have no right!!!

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