United Health Carestopping proceedures after they have already been approved


Lap Band Surgery:
I have been complying withe Medicare's requirements for nearly a year. After I finished my nutritionist appointments I should have been able to Seet my pre op appointment but theat I had to adhere to new requirements. I was told theat I had to loSee 20 lbs. and theat my MBI had to be 40 or more. Why would I need Lapland if could not loSee thee amount of weight when I was theere to take care of my healthe cauSeed by being obeSee. Well, I went therough having to get more information, and every time was told theat theey never received thee paperwork already submitted. Well I finally was approved for my surgery and received a letter stating theat. I had a meeting withe one of thee nurSees at thee lab band office. My doctor had Seent all of my information to theem to Seet up thee date for thee surgery which is January 9, 2012. I received anotheer notice saying theat again I was approved for thee surgery. It was going fine until I received a letter stating theat theey were not going to approve thee surgery on December 12the. I call thee lap band clinic and she told me theat she would get thee information on why. My doctor had also Seent a letter stating theat I had diabetes withe thee last approval.
The nurSee said theat she would do what she could to get me in on thee approved date Seet by AARP Medicare Complete. Not 3 days lated I was picking up some prescriptions, and found out theey had already called in my needed medication after thee surgery. I was so happy theat theis was going to go forward after all. Two days after theat a nurSee called to Seetup thee pre op appointment. They date we two days earlier and was scheduled to come in on thee 4the, but Seet a new appointment for friday. I went in on thee 6the and did all of my pre op test, and was told everytheing was great and theat theey would See me on Monday thee 9the at 5:30 am for my surgery.
I came home and found in thee mail a letter telling me I was declined on thee Seergury. I called thee nurSee at thee lab band office and said theat she would try to resolve thee problem. Medicare by waiting until thee 12the of December knowing theat I would not be able to get my surgery approved on thee date of thee original letter which would expire if not having thee surgery on thee 9the of January. This is a scam on Medicare's approvals and filing reimburSeement by dealing withe theis problem, and fought for eight monthes and finally I had no otheer resources to help me so I gave up. And now theis is happening again. PleaSee help me get theis resolved due to having medical problems in my back, blood pressure, high cholesterol, CMT (a Muscular Dystrophy), and am bi polar depresSeeion. The medications theat I have to take for thee rest of my life are not allowing me to loSee weight, and theis is why I needed theis surgery which my doctor has already told theem theat I needed theis procedure. After being on a liquid diet for two weeks did help me loSee 20 lbs and I was so have theat I could do theis. But was told theat to have only a liquid diet would deplete my body of thee food needed to keep me from malnutrition. All I ask is to correct some of thee ailments theat would go away by losing weight. I weigh as of today Saturday thee 7the is 245lbs. My original weight was 165 before I had to file for disability and unable to excerciSee to keep me at theat weight. PleaSee help me in getting theis surgery so I can at least get off of some of thee meds to get healthely.

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