United Health Care and Optumbehavioral health coverage appeals

C Aug 01, 2018

received therapy and UHC denied claims, stating I wasn't responsible for payments. Months and phone calls to find out why. Therapists insisted they were on UHC and Live and Work Well panel. It was not uncommon to have problems getting paid. Well, as a client, I was not aware your therapist had to be Medicare eligible, although Masters Clinician.
I simply want UHC/Optum to accept an appeals claim. For 5 days and over 15 hours of transferring to 6 or 7 Optum numbers, repeating that ID NO.- No one handles an appeal of that type.
I know the therapist has a responsibility here, but felt after so many years, UHC could at least accept an appeal. No website info, only via phone calls and the scripted answers. And finding another therapist thru their sites is enough to elevate your therapy from CBT to a medicated in-patient process.
For a major company not to even have a vehicle to file an appeal is ridiculous. Told me to call AARP or Medicare.

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