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I recently worked for United American. The company has you go to a seminar in a hotel for the interview. First, they are only looking for bodies to fill the seats at these seminars. If you can pass the state license exam you are hired. To get people in the seminar they call potential employees and tell them they are the Torchmark Corporation and not United American. They are a small part of the Torchmark Corporation, but they know that people will not attend if they know that this is an Insurance Company. I knew nothing about Insurance Sales and after being hired they gave me a one day crash course on writing their Flex Plan (which is their main health insurance). This is their main goal is to sell this plan. The company does not effectively teach people to sell their products. After you get the crash course you are on your own. You can ask to have a more seasoned agent to help you but usually they are too busy and they expected me to call them with any questions while with the client. Personally I do not think that is very professional to tell the client 'hang on let me ask my manager'.

In the seminar they also say that there are no COLD CALLING. This is so far from the truth. They use sales genie leads that are no more than giving me the yellow pages. I was expected to contact the owner to sell the policy to not the receptionist, bartender etc... Is that technically the person who needs the coverage? They wanted me to call from the office and the company did not have enough phone lines (only 2 oh yeah and a fax line), nor did they have enough desks for the employees to sit at. I was sitting on the floor in my dress clothes using my cell phone. Then when I complained they told me to up my minutes. I just want others to be aware when they choose this company. I now work for a GREAT company!! The training is top-notch. They also have real Leads to work with. I know that selling is more than the leads the company gives you, but with no training how can someone succeed? If you do not know about the products the company offers, you cannot sell the product properly. Also they did not tell me about Errors and Omissions. Isn't that EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to have just in case someone decides to sue you? After all the way the world is, everyone is sue crazy. I hope this helps others who may either be on the fence on staying with United American, or planning to work there. Some people may have a better experience with them, but not me.


  • Li
    Lina Feb 09, 2009

    This report is designed to warn other elderly folks and their care givers in the Ocala, Florida area concerning exploitative sales techniques performed by Andy at the Ocala United American Insurance office.

    My mom-in-law needed a supplemental medicare plan to assist in paying the 20% that medicare would not cover for a particular medical procedure. She is under 65 and on disability so supplemental insurance was a particular problem due to her age. My insurance representative assisted me in locating 2 policies that would provide this coverage. One was United American and the other was Humana. My mom-in-law signed up for both.

    After careful consideration of price, availability of doctors, and terms of use of each of the health care plans, she decided that the Humana was a better fit.

    She called Andy at the United American office to cancel the United American policy. This is when the explotative and unethical practices began. He told her that if she cancelled the United American policy she would be 'without insurance' and that it would take a 'lawyer' to get her Medicare benefits back. He also told her that Humana was 'illegally' offering her a policy she had no business signing up for because she was under 65. He then told her that Humana had been suspended from selling insurance in the Ocala area. He also, faxed to me rip-off and Dow Jones newwire reports regarding negative information pertaining to Humana.

    Needless to say this initiated unnecessary fear and anxiety for my mother-in-law prompting me to put her directly in touch with my own Medical Insurance representative who successfully calmed her down and explained the facts regarding how Humana and her Medicare were governed and that at no time would she be without health insurance.

    For everyone reading this, please be aware that Andy at the Ocala United American office should be avoided. He is misinformed regarding Humana and the plan my mom-in-law now has. His sales practices are unethical and misguided. Also, in the state of Florida it is illegal for a Health Insurance Representative to visit/talk to an elderly person regarding health insurance until that insurance representative has obtained a signed consent form from the elderly person. This law is designed to help protect the elderly from unwanted health care solicitation.

    My next step following this is to contact the Consumer Protection Agency, Office of Financial Affairs at 877-693-5236. If, you, or anyone elderly you know, has been exploited in a similar fashion do not hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Affairs listed above.

    To all the Andy's of the world - take care - you comeuppance awaits...

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  • T
    T Feb 20, 2009

    I was Employed with United American Insurance for six months in 2006. Needless to say, I was not happy with my experience. They did not have an office at that time, I was forced to make calls from home. Training on their products was minimal to non existent.

    Not to mention after I left they came after me for 900 dollars because several policies had canceled. That I felt was a ripoff!

    my advice if you receive a phone call or e-mail from United American, do not respond to that e-mail. Keep looking for another job.

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  • N8
    n8edawg Mar 18, 2009

    I recieved a call from them this morning to schedule an interview and from what it sounds like this company is all show and no go. a conference room at a hotel, are you serious? what a joke. plus i feel bad for you that you were sitting on the floor wearing your nice clothes and using up your own personal minutes on company time with no reimbursment. this is a scam for college drop outs who are on nothing but a power trip. this greed is what caused the American economy to crash in the first place. dont people ever learn? . . . apparently not. how uufortunate. dont do anything with this company!! EVER!!!

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  • An
    andrew Jun 01, 2009

    you sound ###ed. andy is a nice guy humana sucks ###!!

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  • Jl
    jl1 Apr 01, 2010

    > -------Original Message-------
    > From: Andrew W. King <[email protected]>
    > Subject: CareerBuilder Sent Us Your Resume
    > Sent: Apr 01 '10 13:48
    > Hi, my name is Andrew King and I am the President of United Americans
    > Branch Office Division. I found your resume online and wanted to let
    > you know we have open positions for individuals from a wide variety of
    > backgrounds. We believe you are an outstanding match.
    > If you are goal-oriented with good communication skills and a desire to
    > succeed I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience.
    > We are a part of the Torchmark Corporation, an S&P 500 company. Full
    > training is provided. Bonuses and incentives are also a part of our
    > commitment to your success.
    > I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. If you are
    > interested in learning more about this opportunity, simply visit us online
    > at [LINK:
    > http://www.tmkrms.com/Response/ThankYou.aspx?RecruitGUID=191EC148-11D1-4D25-A3BF-EE062AAB2A8E&MLID=146&Redirecturl=www.uabranch.com]
    > www.uabranch.com or call 888-228-5858.
    > Sincerely,
    > Andrew W. King
    > President, Branch Office Division
    > United American
    > We will continue to update you about our open positions since you placed
    > your resume on an internet job board or responded to one of our job ads.
    > Compensation is on a pay for performance basis. To stop your job
    > notifications, please [LINK:
    > visit here
    > You can view our Privacy Policy [LINK:
    > http://www.tmkrms.com/Response/PrivacyPolicy.aspx] here
    > United American Insurance Company - 3700 S Stonebridge Drive,
    > McKinney, TX 75070.

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  • Dr
    Dr Johnny May 16, 2010

    Alot of the comments I have read about this so-called "scam" seem to me to be nothing more than misunderstanding about what is required with Commission Sales positions. The company, whom I now represent, never promises anything that they do not deliver on. Commission Sales is and has always been an Independent Contractor position that requires the Contractor to operate as a self-employed individual. My personal opinion is that it is not for everyone and requires alot of discipline and hard work to produce a very good living. Passing a state exam is a state requirement in order to sell Insurance and not one administered by the company. As far as receiving emails, I personally receive HUNDREDS of uninvited emails promoting all kinds of products, services, etc... To say that this company's effort to find agents using this media is a scam does not seem to be fair or accurate.

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  • Jl
    jl1 May 17, 2010

    Dr. Johnny -- Are you saying that all of the Chinese/Russian/Brazilian-originated scam sites are fine, since they are just sending unsolicited emails sent to you?

    I don't.

    And the fact remains - United American (like many other "bush-league" competitors) tries to circumvent the system and baits people to directly respond rather than using CareerBuilder/HotJobs/Monster internal system for applications and responses.

    This, my friend, is illegal. But no one is doing anything about it.

    So have fun in your "commission sales" position. Once you receive a high school, college, or graduate degree, there are many jobs which will allow you to reflect on the scam which is United American.

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  • Ki
    kiskitty Jul 17, 2010

    I bought a United American health insurance policy. They have denied ever single claim so far. My agent is clueless and of no help but mostly he just lies. The customer service is horrendous. If you have no soul, no conscience, love to lie and be lied to by your place of employment then United American Insurance is the place for you!!!

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  • Me
    MegaGamerGuy Nov 19, 2010

    This explains a lot, the resume i filled out at monster was filled with details about becoming a engineer or a scientist, and this now explains WHY i get an email from them, it sound like a scripted computer program that find these people through keywords on resume sites.

    ill spread the word to watch out for these guys

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  • Dg
    dgs6953 Jun 19, 2016

    To everyone., , , .I started with UA in 1998.and built the largest Medicare office in the country with 24 million of in force premium.UA was a great company...took care of its clients ( Im not going to to argue medicare claims because all supplements are the same...That 20% was not paid not because of the company but it was not approved by Medicare therefore it could not be paid..Let me say thats what I think happen) I feel what you write and Im really sorry because you guys startred at a bad time.II retired in 2011 with a heavy heart..Im still proud of what we accomplished throug a lot of hard work and I still generate 15, 000 a month so the UA customers still believe in the product...Again not making excuses for anybody..just my side

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  • Dg
    dgs6953 Jun 19, 2016

    Wow ...sorry about the spelling...I will do better

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