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D Jul 16, 2019

I saw a property advertised: penthouse for rent £600.00, i revieled the number 07432483493 where i messaged to make enquirys, he gave me his fathers mail address. i will attach what i recieved and the responce from Airbnb confirming a scam.
My name is Inês from the Airbnb support team.

I regret to inform you, but this type of agency, as they call it, is a fraud.

This is not how Airbnb proceeds and functions in relation to reservations.

All payments are made through our website and are not made through bank transfers. Incidentally, once a guest has made a reservation, we save the money and only after 24 hours of check-in do we send the money back to the host.

Please do not make any money transfer to this person, as I have already said is an attempt at fraud.orry i do not want this to happen to anyone.

From: robert douglas
Sent: 15 July 2019 09:16
To: Morris1, Dee
Subject: Re: Viewing please

Thank you for taking the time to look at my property. I am a civil engineer, originally from United Kingdom.I am looking for a responsible person that can take a very good care of my apartment. I am not after the money for the rent but want it to be clean all the time and the possible tenant will see the apartment as his
or her own and I hope that you can send me some personal information about yourself. The apartment is fully furnished with all necessary amenities (exactly like in the pics). It has dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer. There are two parking spots, a storage unit where you can deposit my furniture (if you don't like it and you want to use your furniture). Pets allowed.The monthly rent for the apartment is 600 pounds and also includes tax, so there is nothing else to be paid on top of that. I am looking for someone to rent anywhere from 3 month to 5 years or more.The only problem is that I had to move with my job back to Madrid, Spain where I am now. The property is being managed by Airbnb and they will handle the whole rental process.
If you want to know more about the rental process please get back to me and I will send you the step by step procedure.
The addres is : Benedictine Court, Coventry CV1 5SE

From: robert douglas
Sent: 15 July 2019 10:08
To: Morris1, Dee
Subject: Re: Viewing please

I fully agree to have you as my tenant. As I already told you in my first email Airbnb will handle the renting process in my behalf. I will have to contact the rental agency and provide them all the necessary information so they can start the rental process. For that I will need your full name current address, phone number and a copy if your id, passport or driver license.
You will receive a notification from the rental company containing all instructions that you need to follow and the invoice as well. To secure the apartment you will be instructed to deposit the first 2 months rent+1 month deposit to the agency and then you start paying rent from the third month you moved in. The keys and rental agreement will be delivered by their agent at your current address same day the deposit is paid, or you can meet with the agent at the flat. You will be given a 3 days inspection period from the day you receive the keys and lease agreement. If you are satisfied with the flat all you have to do is to sign the lease agreement and inform the agency. If you don't sign the tenancy agreement you receive a full refund of the deposit payment within the same day you made your decision. After you move in the flat the monthly rent will be sent directly to my bank account.
If you wish to proceed please provide the requested details and I will submit your application right away, and of course please make sure that you have the deposit payment ready.
I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time and nice cooperation.

Deidre Morris,


UK Private Investigators [UKPI]
UK Private Investigators [UKPI]
UK Private Investigators [UKPI]

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