UAE Exchange Centrebank money transfer


Hi there,
my no-[protected]
I have send money on 6oct 2017 and till now it is not reached to my partner account. I have submitted my paper to a White chapel branch on 10th oct 2017. When i called customer care first for 30-40min nobody attend my call and said my no is 1st and all agent is busy, when a agent attend my call she told me my document is not updated thats why money is not deposited to partner account. When i asked for refund they said there will be charge.
They are not sending money to other end and not me both side they are charging. Really frustrating..
1. why UAE deducted moiney if it can't deposit to my partner account.
2. why UAE did not contact me by phone (they have all record) if they need documents.
3. When i gave paper by my self why it is not updated on system.
4.It is big company but there are not enough man power to attend call, customer have to wait 40min to go through.
Really not happy with service this time and want to close my account W.Union is much better send money in 2 min.

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