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+1 866 372 3874(USA) 0 1

UAE Exchange Centre Complaints & Reviews

UAE Exchange Centre / transfer to india from uae is too delays and wastage of money. delay of call back

Sep 15, 2019

From uaeexchange customer care promise me i will receive the summer cooler voucher on 14th September 2019. But I didn't received the summer cooler voucher. why its was too delay and treating of customers are too delay. 2 Days now i didn't get any call back from your side. Also i call lot...

UAE Exchange Centre / uae exchange online account [protected]

Sep 08, 2019

I was receiving an error message " to resubmit my Emirates ID to the nearest branch" while doing online transaction, which i already did few months ago. As i wanted to make some urgent transfer so i visited UAE exchange center at al wahdah Mall on 7th Sept 2019, and presented my EID to the...

UAE Exchange Centre / customer service

Sep 02, 2019

Today I went to apply for gocash card. I told customer rep the I have only a copy of eim id with me and she checked with someone inside and then asked me stand me in the long que to get it done.When I reached the counter they told me Emirates ID copy is not accepted and they need the...

UAE Exchange Centre / تاخر وصول حوالة الى مصر من تاريخ 2019-8-9

Aug 22, 2019

UAE Exchange Centreالسلام عليكم قمت بتحويل حوالة الى مصر بتاريخ 9-8-2019 بقيمة 1500 دولار ولم تصل الى الان مع العلم اني قمت بالتحويل من قبل على نفس رقم الحساب في البنك الأهلي المصري ووصلت سريعا وقمت بالذهاب الى فرع راك مول وقاموا بالتواصل معي امس وطلبوا صورة هوية المستلم وقمت بارسالها ولم تحل المشكلة -[protected]ارجو التواصل لحل المشكلة

UAE Exchange Centre / Online transfer

Aug 18, 2019

UAE Exchange CentreI made an online transfer of AED 1000/- vide above mentioned transaction reference After following up multiple times and being informed by your call center representatives that amount will be credited to my account within 2-3 working days, to my surprise and shock, I was informed on 06th...

[Resolved] UAE Exchange Centre / online money transfer

Aug 16, 2019

UAE Exchange CentreHi my name is AJIN, I would like to raise a compliant against your online money transfer service. I have done a transaction of AED 5000 equivalent INR TT with ref no [protected] on AUG 7 2019 and I transferred AED 5000 from my Rak bank account to your Rak bank account on 9th of AUG. But...

UAE Exchange Centre / remittance to india

Aug 14, 2019

Hello, I made a transaction to India on 4th August 2019. Until Wednesday amount not credited to my bank account in India. on Wednesday evening when I call and check then only they are replying that transaction got rejected due to account lock. When the transaction fails they didn't inform...

UAE Exchange Centre / transferred 5900 rupees wrongly to your hdfc account

Aug 03, 2019

UAE Exchange CentreHi, this is Rumeza Baig and have bought UAE currency in the past from u, today while transferring amount of Rs.5900 to my hdfc account, i wrongly transferred to ur Hdfc account. Request you to please help me with a refund. In the past i had transferred amount this Bank of yours for getting the...

UAE Exchange Centre / not credited the amount which was promised

Jul 08, 2019

UAE Exchange CentreI had sent money from UAE exchange metro branch of CAD $ 200 for which representative asked me for additional CAD $ 15 which would be deducted by intermediate bank and 200 will be credited However only 167 has been credited, Why soo less? What are these charges for? For sending CAD $ 200 if I...

UAE Exchange Centre / poor exchange rate

Jul 03, 2019

Dear UAEexchange, This is regarding Txn group no 00052440B4160E212 which i exchanged 6650 Euros to Omani riyal on 22.06.2019, complaining as i recieved very poor rate as confused by your counterstaff he told me higher amount and after collecting cash from my hand then gave me a different...

UAE Exchange Center / service

Jul 01, 2019

I went to uae exchange to gave 1000 us dollar to change to aed. But I got 970 dollar to be changed. I went to the branch manager the next day but didn't get satisfied answer after checking the camera. My doubt was one of my 50 dollar was changed to 20 dollar by the person who did the...

UAE Exchange Centre / received very poor exchange rate from uae

Jun 30, 2019

Dear UAE exchange team, i am not happy with the euro to OMR conversion rate on 23.06.2019, at darsait lulu exchange since i converted 6650 Euros and recieved only 2860 OMR.( attached invoice) Reference Txn group no 00052440B4160E21- nawaf juma . I called lulu exchange for euro to omr...

UAE Exchange Centre / complaint relating to cheque return

Jun 17, 2019

UAE Exchange CentreDear Sir, We deposited our company WPS salary cheque to UAE Exchange Centre, National Paints Br, Sharjah on 10.06.2019 and unforturnatly the cheque was returned from bank for the reason Signature irregular. We deposited cash instead of that bounce cheque on 11.06.2019 and salary wa... / payment not transferred and false commitment and statement given

Jun 03, 2019

uaeexchange.aeReference on my payment transaction ID [protected] which was made on 31st May 2019 at 9:57pm through UAE Exchange Hor Al Anz for the amount of AED 750.00 The Branch incharge who was sitting on Table confirmed me that payment will be credited into receiver account on 1st June but still...

UAE Exchange Centre / financial institution

Jun 02, 2019

I would like to raise a complaint towards a very unruly and disrespectful staff of yours named, LEVAS PRADHAN sitting at one of your cash counters (No. 8 during the time I visited) at your Mall of the Emirates - Metrolink branch in Dubai, UAE. The incident happened on 2nd of July, 2019...

UAE Exchange Centre / not receiving money

Jun 01, 2019

I have sanded money Pakistan through UAE exchange service express money On Thursday my beneficiary went today on Saturday to collect money from my city kot addu in Punjab province of Pakistan There were two banks working today national bank of Pakistan and The bank of Punjab Both of them...

UAE Exchange Centre / uae exchange travel card

May 28, 2019

Dear Concern, I took a multi currency travel card from Kerala, India before I board to Singapore on 21st May. I was informed that there is only a charge maximum of 2 USD per withdrawal. But yesterday when I withdrawn the money the maximum withdrawal limit is 300 SGD and for every...

UAE Exchange Centre / corporate

May 23, 2019

UAE Exchange CentreAm corporate customer I sent money to india for trading purposes via UAE exchange But I didn't get the money to my Indian company a/c Am sending from ajman main branch near lulu And staff mrs Seena not given the swift copy also What's the hell UAE exchange staff thinking I sent my money for my purpose not ur shetty's money and his father money...

UAE Exchange Centre / not releasing gold and misbehaviour

May 17, 2019

Dear sir I had put my gold for gold loan but now I need my gold your branch persons not give me every day told me " today auditing going on " but I don't need your reason 5 days gone . will you deduct my interest for 5 days? So please strictly punish your staffs otherwise I will go to...

UAE Exchange Centre / service and follow up and treatment

Apr 25, 2019

UAE Exchange CentreI been send TCN westerunion at 14april2019 the transfer hold by westernunion I follow up with branch they ask receiver id after 3 days i dont need this i sent by other way. I talk to westerunion connected them with your branch they said do refund i did it. Branch told me after 24 you...

UAE Exchange Centre / I am complaining about my request for details of my transactions

Apr 25, 2019

I am out of country and I am in need of my transactions details done from uae exchange so in this requirement my cousin in uae went to your office and met mr. Vijay shetty who had given his contacts and ask me to send him details of requirement in email which I sent him but unfortunately...

UAE Exchange Centre / western union - money not converted to the receiver's local currency amount

Apr 14, 2019

I sent money from Dubai to Phils and stated the amount that I will send in PHP 10, 000. The Filipino staff gave me the slip and told me it is done. Receiver of the money was not able to collect it because it was in AED and not converted to PHP as I requested. I called the branch the next day...

UAE Exchange Centre / go cash card

Apr 06, 2019

Dear Sir, Reference to the subject and the attached file regarding for my Gocash Card. Kindly I would like to make complaint why I did not receive the card until now. I applied for that card since March 11, 2019 from Ajman UAE Exchange. Since that time every time I ask the employee'...

UAE Exchange Centre / go cash loan

Apr 02, 2019

لدى شكوى بخصوص موظف يعمل لديكم اسمة ماهر موجود فى بدع زايد بالمنطقه الغربيه . قمت بإيداع مبلغ 600 دهم فى بطاقة Go cash وسألت الموظف ممكن اعمل ايداع بالدولار او بالجنيه المصرى لأنى اريد استخدمها فى مصر فقال لى بالجنيه المصرى افضل # سألتة عن سعر الصرف والايداع بالجنيه المصرى فقال الدرهم بيساوى...

UAE Exchange Centre / Uae exchange not providing promotional voucher of december delights

Mar 20, 2019

Desr sir, This is with reference to email request id 3677861. I have sent countless emails but I am not getting december delights voucher still. I am always getting email that we are following up. I don't understand what makes it such delayed. Awaiting positive response Best regards, Saif ur rehman [protected] [protected] Abu dhabi

UAE Exchange Centre / money exchange

Feb 26, 2019

Dear all, In these few months me and my colleagues faced problems with money exchange in your branch located in dafza. Three times we were refused to exchange amount over 50 000 aed because of different requirements to provide additional documents. Each time the required list of document wa...

UAE Exchange Centre / smartpay mastercard

Jan 05, 2019

UAE Exchange CentreHi just wanted to complain about my smart pay MasterCard I withdraw my salary and no remaining balance and I just wanted to sent some money through my smart pay card from PayPal and it's decline I dunno why it's decline .my smart pay is from my company Senso Garments Trading LLC .i...

UAE Exchange Centre / staff

Jan 05, 2019

Today morning I go to your branch in gold souk road Sabkha no respect our staff I want to my dollar change wait 5 minutes one counter after say go next counter I say ok Wait next counter same experience second counter you're staff say go next counter next time i no go Uae exchange next time...

UAE Exchange Centre / payment transfer

Dec 17, 2018

I made the transaction with reference no.: [protected] on the 01 December 2018. Its been more than 15 days that money is not transferred to the beneficiary account in India. When I call them they said the transaction is failed and your money will be refunded. Everyday I call them they say, our...

UAE Exchange Centre / money not transferred in my nri account

Nov 28, 2018

I made the transaction on the 23rd November. Its been more than 5 days that money is not transferred to the beneficiary account in India( online transaction [protected]). Please look into this matter as soon as possible. I have been contacting the customer care in the past 2 days but still i... / against the request id *3411028* - remittance - funds transfer recall not initiated and delayed since aug, 2018

Nov 11, 2018

Dear Team, May I know why I am not getting any response from the concerned team. ? May I know when my subjected Request ID#3411028 remittance issue will be resolved ? I am financially stuck. Please do the needful ASAP. Every time when I am sending email or trying to contact the UAE...

UAE Exchange Centre / online money transfer

Oct 09, 2018

I have uploaded updated Direct Debit form on portal dated 26th Sept 2018. Direct Debit is not activated after 15 days of followup. Several times I called customer care and they are promising that it will be activated on next day. Very bad customer care representative's response. I had word...

UAE Exchange Centre, Dubai, DIP / customer service

Oct 04, 2018

04 October 2018 I visited today the UAE exchange and had to wait for 25 minutes (only one customer was served this time!!); when my turn came I was told that they did not have the currency I was looking for (QAR). This company's motto is : "customer service is our currency"...

UAE Exchange Centre / payment not received - online money transfer

Sep 22, 2018

I am struggling with UAE exchange for the past one month in getting registered for online money transfer : Huge delays noticed from UAE exchange for the following : 1) Direct debit activation 2) Beneficiary activation 3) To do online money transfer More than 20 phone calls made to ur customer...

UAE Exchange Centre / remittance

Aug 20, 2018

I had transferred money from my FAB account to UAE Exchange for remitting to my Indian account in HDFC Bank. It has been 3 days and I have no clue where my money is. In this digital world, it is really embarrassing to see such events. Highly disappointed with their service. First of all...

UAE Exchange Centre / payment not received

Jul 29, 2018

Hi, I had given a request to redeem the balance amount from multicurrency card back to my account on 7th July 2018 from UAE exchange Dombivli branch. Till date the money is not redeemed, every time the authorities say that it will be done by next week, now a days they have stared saying...

UAE Exchange Centre / money transfer delayed

Jun 21, 2018

I have transferred money on 5th June 2018 through UAE Exchange, Tolichowki branch, Hyderabad to my brother. This money is for his food and monthly expenses. I am very disappointed with the delay. He does not have a single penny with him right now. I am very aggravated and dissatisfied...

UAE Exchange Centre / incompetent staff

May 30, 2018

st may 13, 2018, I had my bills payment transaction done at UAE exchange Megamal branch and one of the staff allegedly said that i had a fake money (100aed)my emirates id confiscated by the supervisor and i was hold for 3 hours at the said branch after 2weeks of back and fort at the CID...

UAE Exchange Centre / money transfer

May 16, 2018

I have done two different transactions (cash payout) at ilford branch cranbrook road on 12 may 2018 and till today 17 may 2018 money been not received.i called branch more than ten of employee said she is going to call me in half an hour but never happened.i called again after...

UAE Exchange Centre / no staff on duty knows how to pay sss contribution

May 03, 2018

I am a Filipino and I wanted to pay my SSS contribution today, 3rd May 2018 in UAE Exchange, Shop No.03, Al Mansoori Bldg, Al Qusais Dubai Branch. Unluckily, no one knows how to do the payment as no Filipino staff on duty that time i.e 10:30 am they said. The Manager tried to help me...