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On friday sept 27th I went in with a coworker to my local turkey hill to get a half gallon of whole milk, a bag of shredded cheese, and the 2/$2 tornado's. My bill should of been less than $10, I was not given a receipt and rushed out of the store. The next day when I checked my account I was charged $31.13. This would have cost me $100+ in overdraft and bounced check funds if it was not caught. Rtc lead carrie took care of this as soon as I called her and I couldn't of asked for better service on her end. I am not mad about the mistake so much as I am about the reason why I was rushed out and the pure lack of customer service skills I have dealt with again and again. Associate kelsey makes it very apparent that I am not welcome in the store causing me to be rushed out by other employees. She makes immediate bee lines for the back door when I walk in leaving other cashiers with lines, and even had another associate come up to see if I was still in the building. Who, as soon as she saw I was, laughed, rolled her eyes and yelled back "she is still here". I come here for the simple fact of it being convenient and one of the few options to grab little things such as milk in myerstown. I should not have to feel like a pariah while spending my money there and be rushed out of the building. If you cannot maintain a work appropriate attitude you should not be working in customer service. This is not the first time this has happened and not the first time I have addressed it. The usual response I get from management (maria) is "go somewhere else" or "don't come in during her shifts" or "just ignore it". I send this complaint in, in hopes that actions are actually taken. My coworker also witnessed this specific incident.

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      Sep 30, 2019

    Well, this certainly is one side of the story...

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