Trusty TransportTerrible service


My company is in the business of vehicle transportation. We contacted Trusty Transport because they had a vehicle available to transport on the route our truck was traveling. Our truck picked up the vehicle, and a day before delivery contacted the business we were told to deliver to, to set up the delivery. (this was to be a COD- collect from the person receiving the vehicle).

When our driver called the business, he found that no one there knew anything about the car. The business was simply a storage warehouse and they had no info as to who the car belonged to, nor did they have a COD payment for this transport. We tried to contact Trusty Transport- you cannot contact them by phone, only fax. The only response we got from them was they gave us all the info they had. Trusty Transport made no effort what so ever to help us get in contact with the owner of the car. We ended up having to contact the pickup location, who fortunately was willing to share the info of who had purchased the car (this was a car dealership), and give us a phone number.

We had to make phone calls to the owner of the car to get payment info- fortunately we have the capacity to process credit cards- if we had needed a cash payment we would have been out of luck as the car owner lived many hours away from the dropoff point. We also had to find a different warehouse to take the car, as the original warehouse refused to accept it, after being told we didn't want them to release the car until we verified the transport was paid for. Our driver was delayed and we ran a very real risk of being 'stuck' with an undeliverable car on our truck.

All this, and yet we had to send the broker, Trusty Transport, a payment of $134 for his broker fee- for doing nothing to aid in this transport- in other words, we had to pay him for NOT doing his job. We told him we were not going to pay him his broker fee and he responded with incredibly rude and unprofessional threatening e-mails. Unfortunately, in this economy, our company would not risk getting a bad credit rating by not paying this broker's undeserved fee, so we paid it, but I want to make sure everyone knows NOT to use this broker for either transporting their own car or to haul cars for this broker.

This company's website claims they have a 'small select group of dependable motor carriers' that they use, when in reality they take the first carrier that comes along, willing to transport their vehicle. They have no idea who they are dealing with- so the consumer who wishes to hire this company to transport their car is taking a big risk. They may have good service, then again they may not- all depending on what carrier picks up the car. Trusty Transport does not notify people when their cars are picked up (our car owner had no idea her car was on its way- what if she had been out of town??

Please, please, PLEASE- everyone who has anything to do with vehicle transport- do NOT use this broker, and tell everyone you know, not to use Trusty Transport. There are other postings on this website relating to Trusty Transport from AZ- this is the same company. They are now located in MD.

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